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Try Apple-Bacon Cornbread, an easy treat and great addition to meals.  If you are on a gluten free diet, how about Gluten Free (Bis)Quick Cornbread.

And by all means, eat together as a family; it's healthier for all of you!


Classic Floor Cleaning Set from Fuller/Stanley.  Three days only - ends 9 PM EST Wednesday June 29th.  Our famous floor and carpet sweeper with an extra rotor bush, and Stanley's famous Slender Broom (formerly known as  Slimline), plus a handy dustpan that clips onto the handle.  Both of these make great Shower, Wedding, and Anniversary Gifts!  Don't miss out - order now!  You can order up to three sets.  Click on image to order!

Put used, dry tea bags in cupboard corners and drawers, including herbal teas, to repel bugs and rodents.  Tea is good for you but repels them!

MicrowaveA major source of nasty contamination is right in your sink; the kitchen sponge.  Solve two jobs at once  Rinse out the sponge and squeeze some excess water out.  Place in the microwave for 1 minute (don't do this with plastic foam sponges!). Take the now-sterile sponge out, and the microwave will have any splatters softened with steam from the sponge. Spray with Fuller Brush Microwave Oven Cleaner immediately, wait a few minutes, then wipe it clean with a microfiber cloth.  Easy!  The Microwave Cleaner is on sale now, there's even a two-fer that saves money. 

 The first time a friend introduced me to potato latkes, a traditional dish at Hanukkah, I was hooked for life.  Try these inexpensive potato pancakes for breakfast, or to accompany any meal!  Serve them with horseradish, ketchup, chili sauce or even applesauce!

His and Hers Hairbrush Sale

3-Day sale!  Did you know that brushing your hair well every day distributes natural oils, stimulates your scalp and makes it healthier?  Your hair will shine and prosper with our brushes. Click on image for more details!

Hate!  Is it inevitable?  How do we control it, and can we, to have a better world?

eggplantEggplant Parmesan can either be a calorie-stuffed diet breaker or a delicious main or side dish.  Here's a healthier version that's fast and every bit as tasty.  If you think you don't care for eggplant, you haven't tried this dish!  Want proof?  See "Is it the Eggplant or the Idea?"

See feedback from Sandy in "Do Dogs Go to Heaven?" at bottom of that page.

Easy Meatballs or use in pasta dishes or wonderful Italian Wedding Soup!  Even the kids can make them.

Fuller Brush Products SaleOrder now!! 4 Fuller Cleaners for only $4 - see details!

Multi-Surface Cleaner

Bathroom Cleaner

Glass & Window Cleaner Glass & Window Cleaner

Foaming Spray Bleach Cleaner

Read about crows and corn, and Robber's Cave in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Is the cave really haunted or just another link to our American history?

See feedback from Maureen on Tipsy: bottom of that page. 

Secrets of lifespan:  When God created the dog, he said....: 

Time's passing; don't miss out on our great June sales at Fuller Brush and Stanley, for instance, stain fighters for your clothing and kitchen helpers. Check out the whole June brochure to see what you need!

Brushfire BurgersAlmost time to get out that grill.  Try Brushfire Burgers for a treat!  Accompany it with Columbia Restaurant's 1905 Salad.

Tipsy, an exceptional golden-hearted cat!


Read the story of Tipsy, a golden cat with a heart of gold.


Cynthia Macgregor has shared with us another of her great recipes:  Dilled Pork Meatballs in Cream Sauce

A fingerprint? Is this proof of God, an accident, a natural phenomenon - or a giant conspiracy?  Watch this video and make up your mind.

Read about the lion and the lamb, from the late Hilda Graham; Is There A Cure?

Red Hibiscus FlowerIf you live in Florida or other sub-tropical climate, you may have a hibiscus bush; if you don't, you should.  They produce spectacular large blooms, some double, some single, each beautiful in their own way.  They range from yellow to salmon, to fiery red, pink, white with red throats, and even ivory that tinges with pink as the day goes on. Many people don't realize they make a healthful tasty drink too, hot or cold.  Try Hibiscus Tea.



Any easy recipe that gets people to eat the unexpected and nutritious is a blessing.  You'll be surprised at the tastiness of this dish.  Carrot Soup!

You've been told not to wash your vegetables before storing, but sometimes they are so dirty...and you don't know where they've been or who has handled them. Here's a way to wash them without increasing spoilage - in fact, it promotes longer healthier life.

Kale is one of nature's powerhouses of nutrition.  Maybe you are fortunate to have children and family members who will eat kale and other dark greens with gusto.  Maybe they will eat it one day but bypass leftovers the next day.  Or perhaps they won't eat them at all.  Pity if this is the case, as they are one of nature's treasures!  Here's a recipe almost any will eat - for breakfast!  Even on the way out the door.  Kale Burgers!

Like many people, I have both an aversion and an allergy to many artificial scents.  This includes most sprays, candles, incense, wicks and aromatherapy oils. For centuries, people used natural aromatherapy without calling it that.  You can too.  Here's some natural suggestions for when and how to use this spirit-healing aid:  Aromatherapy!

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