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Poor Sears...  I read in the newspaper that Sears, as well as K-Mart, are sinking deeper into a financial hole. I don't know much about K-Mart, but I know a lot about Sears. This was my favorite and most respected retailer and service store for years, ever since early childhood!

Despite what Garfield the Cat says about Lasagna, I've always considered eggs to be one of nature's most perfect foods. Even when eggs were criticized for being high in cholesterol, we still ate them.  And in lean times, they're cheaper than meat!  Try this dish just before payday. 
Easy Granny's Eggs

What do you think about trying to feed wildlife?  This baby bird is hungry!!!  Amazing!
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From Virginia Wiedemann:  "Getting back to the healthy stuff... Here's a hot treat for a cold night when you just don't feel like cooking."  Chicken Soup with Mushrooms
"We have met the enemy and he is us!"  Pogo's observation is never so true as in our times.  Read "Safety"
It all started at the Marzetti family restaurant in Columbus, Ohio with a hearty but simply dish Teresa Marzetti served to her brother-in-law, Johnny.  Read the story at the links.  It's now  popular in the midwest, especially Texas and surprise - a traditional meal in the Canal Zone!  Johnny Marzetti.

When Its Over, It's Over     If you are the new spouse or girlfriend/boyfriend or Significant Other of a person who has been married or in a serious relationship that failed, don’t hold his/her mistakes against them

I awoke Friday, inauguration day, with an epiphany. I try to stay way from politics, and I'm willing to give anyone a chance.  But sometimes it's hard.  Russia's still out there....
Salads don't have to be made out of lettuce, potatoes, cabbage and other usual American fare.  Salads or side dishes in Korea and other eastern countries are often made of bean sprouts and radishes.   Try this dish; you'll  be pleasantly surprised. 
Do you know the relationship between the litle stiff ends on shoelaces, and aging?  No?  You'll be surprised at this theory of a simple way to live longer and feel younger.
This is a better broccoli soup; it's creamy but not loaded with cream.  It's very high in fiber and packed with nutrients.
Ancient Buddhist wisdom from Lao Tzu:  "If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present."  Hard to do in today's world but still true and relevant!
Romance Author Morgan Ashbury writes a column in Cynthia Macgregor's newsletter, Ezine.  Her column last week really stuck a note with me, considering the state of our nation.  Read it and see if you feel the same way.


More important to holiday decoration than trees, light, tinsel and bulbs;  the best holiday decoration is a clean house.  Get rid of those cobwebs and dust bunnies, streaks and smears, easily with Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products.  Make sure the bathrooms shine and put out new soap and the best towels! Think about new brooms, mops, scrubbers, toilet and kitchen brushes. Order now to have better and brighter holidays and start the New Year right!
A favorite dessert at the end of a meal in many Hispanic countries is a simple but habit-forming pudding called Majarete.  Some people make it so soft it jiggles, others so stiff it can be sliced and eaten by hand. Sometimes it's made with scraped new corn kernels.  This is an easy corn version. so delicious, especially with a little sprinkle of cinnamon and sugar and a dollop of whipped topping!
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The Sneaky Kitchen
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