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Remember back when you were young?  Where are you from?  What was it like?  Here's stories, links and recollections... yours, mine and writers at other websites.  Send yours!  If you are below middle-age, why should you care?  An old axiom states: "Those who forget the past are destined to repeat it." Think about THAT one! Wanna turn into your parents? Then read on....    Better yet, If you have feedback or a story to tell, email it to If it's feedback, indicate which page you are sending it about. We will not publish your full name or email address!

Here's a myth about the origin of that old campfire song "On Top of Spaghetti" by Kelly.

Happy Memorial Day?  I think not. How did you spend yours. Let's have your opinion on the subject.

This brings to mind the many hours evenings and weekends we amused ourselves and our children around the dining room table so many years ago.  The Games We Played in Childhood by Walter Mills.

Danna Rae asks about the history of this area of Allapattah. Actually it was part of Miami's shameful past and was known as the Railroad Shop Colored Addition.

Is coming of age the same today as it was two or three generations ago? The Last Hurrah by Walter Mills of Recipe du Jour

Doing the laundry has certainly changed.  I still remember Laundry Day, summers when I stayed with my grandparents... Read on and bless your washing machine!

Sent by my brother, Lloyd Williamson: "I’ll never admit to being old! But I obviously watched too much TV when I was young since I got 20/20…"   Memory Test for Mature People

It was in the heart of World War II when our family moved into a group home, and I learned the hard way about skunks.

There is a storm swept group of islands.....  A Flash of Green by Walt Mills of Recipe du Jour.

Burma Shave. Mention that phrase to anyone under 40, and you'll probably get a blank stare.  But many of us fondly remember...

Joanne Kowal has responded to the call for more nostalgia from Miami and Allapattah.  Check these color home movies from mid-century Miami, Miami Beach and Coral Gables.  Then visit our forum and record you own stories.

"Why when I was young...."   Take a look at how things really used to be, say, on the day you were born or a parent's birthdate.  It won't make you feel better about the price of gasoline, however. Just enter a birth date for your personal time capsule.

History buffs and former residents:  Don Boyd has an absolutely astounding collections of old Miami and Hialeah photos and memorabilia.  If you went to Melrose Elementary, are you here?  A link is posted on our Old Miami Forum.   Take a stroll down memory lane, if you grew up in the area, at the Memories of Old Hialeah, Old Miami and Old South Florida Photo Galleries.

People frequently send me nostalgic pieces with memories of the fifties, usually complete with music and cartoons.  What we usually remember was through rose-colored glasses - actually recalling when we were young, healthy and strong, had hope, and expectations of a seemingly endless and glorious future ahead - unless we had a really bad childhood and a very good memory.  For instance...More >>>

"When will it ever end..."  Memorial Day brings back this memory for Hilda Graham:  "I recall that my friends and I were giving a birthday party for one of the GI's who was going to be twenty one, and as you know, in England that was considered a coming of age party ...More >>>

A reader wants to know:  did he or she really live in Allapattah?  Have the boundaries moved?  Also another reader wants old photos of the Live and Let Live Drugstore, Regent Theater, Dade Theater for a Friends Reunion.  Can anyone help?

Remember "TV Lamps"?   I sold dozens of those suckers back in the mid-fifties in Sarasota, but they were the kitschy seashell kind for tourists.  There's beautiful examples out there - take a look at Mark Stevens' TV Lamp Site.  And many a meal was eaten on TV Trays, sometimes Swanson's TV Dinners, while watching Ed Sullivan, I Love Lucy, Sid Caesar (you recall those too?), and more by the reflected glow of those little lights.

The way we were...  Captured in snapshots at Square America.  New photos added daily.  Found this in  Recipe du Jour's great newsletter.

Walter Mills of Recipe du Jour reminisces about an earlier Florida: I Remember My Life as A Child

Gather Memories - A Pennsylvania Christmas by Walter Mills of Recipe du Jour website, also published in their great newsletter.

"Before the winds blow it all away..." by Walter Mills of Recipe du Jour Take a trip to Flamingo Bay with him.

A look at Autumn Leaves and children's' games.

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