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All About  Okra

Okra is one of nature's real powerhouse veggies.  It is probably best brought frozen; if you purchase fresh, make sure the pods are tender.  I do a "no-no" and lightly pinch with a fingernail; if it cuts, it's fine, if not, too bad, nobody should buy it anyway.

Okra has an unbelievable amount of nutrients; it is good for your immune system, your bones, your cholesterol level, your heart, your eyesight, and much more.  There's even evidence it helps avoid or diminish cancer and diabetes! Even the seeds are full of protein!

It's easy to grow, and even has lovely flowers.  Just be sure to pick the okra before it is fuller mature for a tender dish;  older pods will never get tender.

Many don't like it because if cooked improperly it can be slimy.  But sliced into rounds, it thickens soups and stews, is a staple of gumbo, and doesn't have to be slimy if cooked with tomato.  For instance, a fast food with lots of nutrition, try Okra and Stewed Tomatoes.


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