My Assistants
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Cuca - the best dog ever. 
RIP  (Thank you, Cathy!)

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"Is Christmas over?  Can we take off these stupid reindeer antlers?"
Snoop Daddy Dog - RIP

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"Be sure to get my best side - and my teeth!"  Lady - a serious dog!  - RIP

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"We're dressed & ready!  Let's go!"
The Three Furies
Charlie, MacBeth & mom, Cuca II (Samantha's mom)

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"Bow-Wow! Puppies!!!  Not mine, but they'll do fine."
Cindy, Charlie & Samantha - with granddaughter and food critic Jackie

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"Did you hear the one about Red Riding Hood and the traveling wolfman?"
Samantha - with food tester, personal computer fixer and son, Mark Metcalf

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Food tester, technical support guru and late husband, Floyd Metcalf.  R.I.P.

sam2.jpg (24140 bytes)
"Heeere, burglar, burglar, burglar...."  (Drool.)  Samantha

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The self-appointed queen of the household:   "Hey!  You'd spend most of your time under or on top of the furniture too, if you had to live with Doberman Pinschers."    Sadie II

nosy.jpg (44721 bytes)
"What's going on here!"  Nosy, an alley cat who considered our kitchen to also be his.  A real scrapper in his time, now hopefully carrying on in the feline "Happy Hunting Ground".

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Just added  a new Dobie to staff, Sasha (she had help holding still - can't stop long enough to pose yet), here only 11 weeks & already so intelligent and well behaved.  

YODA2.JPG (211210 bytes)
Our newest assistant showed up asking for work in June.  Demonstrating unusual courage, tenacity and energy, we gave Yoda a job.  Here she stopped chasing the cursor so she could have a photo taken.

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Jackie & Sasha

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Cindy & Sasha

"I'm getting too old for this, but I'll do my best to show this young squirt the ropes.  However I won't play with her; that's final!"

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Sasha is a little Doberman with big strong teeth, a big heart full of courage and very big ideas.  She's turning out to be a real handful to train as she is so smart and inventive.  Our vet comments, "What is she thinking!"  Plenty, believe me. 

sadie_e.jpg (76791 bytes)
Our cats don't usually walk on the kitchen  counters.  They're allowed only for legitimate mousing, or to sleep discreetly in a corner if they're being harassed.  Sadie found a corner atop the Tupperware canisters by the Fuller dish brush, where Sasha can't bug her.


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