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Jackie Metcalf

Granddaughter Jackie, in years past, has often been a subject (or she might say victim) of this website.  She's now grown up into a valuable contributor.   

Jackie comes from a long line of female ancestors who were strong, stubborn, empathetic, competitive, know their own mind, question everything and tend to be activists, although it often skips generations.  Great Grandmother Eliza Tupper amply had these qualities; so did I to my parents' desperation and often my hubby's years ago. My paternal grandmother, Ellen Church Williamson, was no shrinking violet either.

Daughter Cathy would call me from wherever the Navy sent her from the time Jackie was a year old, complaining, "It's all your fault, Mom, it's bad genes!"   Love those bad genes.

Jackie is currently attending University on scholarship while working part time.   She's independent, logical, a whiz on the computer and writes great poetry.  She had changed her mind about her college major and goals, as is common at that age, and it will be interesting to see how her future develops.

Their church takes an active role in the community, as has Jackie when she lived at home in central Florida.  She has worked with their program where handicapped children ride horseback or in carriages.  She was a Big Sister to several kids, and a "Big Brother" to one.  She also volunteered to work in the church's pre-school and extended care program.  In addition to her friends from school, church and the community, she often goes out of her way to befriend kids that are handicapped, emotionally disturbed, loners or suffering from loss. 

Her latest effort, which we will feature in a new sub-web called Body, Mind & Spirit, is against domestic violence, including both physical and emotional abuse of any kind.

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