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Karen Danielson's Cookbook!

August 7th news from Karen Danielson.  Her great cookbook is out and available for ordering.  Here's her note:

Just a note to you all.  The cookbook is published and ready for sale.  It's $14.50 per copy and that includes $2.00 shipping and handling.  It has 298 recipes and 98 of them are my personal creations. My creations, with the exception of one or two, are of the heart-healthy variety.  It's fully laminated, front and back, has red plastic coil binding, alphabetized index and 38 pages of household hints. Contact me for an address to send a check or money order. 

This news is going to make a lot of people happy, Karen.  Click here for  a sampling of Karen's recipes.  

Sept. 18th, 2001 update; Karen lives in the general area in Pennsylvania where those heroic passengers took matters into their own hands and undoubtedly saved many lives and possibly even our Capitol building in Washington DC.  I  wrote, concerned, as I wasn't sure how close she was to the downed plane.

All is well! We live about 80 miles north of the plane crash so we were unaffected by that.  The national tragedy is something else again.  I am still jumping whenever I hear loud noises.  Nothing will ever be the same, I'm afraid.  However, life goes on as usual here in our city. I have sold out on the cook books and have ordered a second printing.  Have had a huge response, locally.  I'm very pleased.

Thanks for being concerned! Have a newspaper interview coming up Wed. about the cookbook.  Hope it will generate more sales.  Also have a tasting and signing event coming up in Oct. and have been asked to teach some cooking classes in a nearby community.  Looking forward to that!

So place your orders by contacting Karen for an address to send a check or money order, before she runs out again. 

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