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Here at the Sneaky Kitchen we respect and encourage all positive points of view (well, maybe not proponents of junk food!), whether religious, political, cultural or regarding health or diet issues.  Please feel free to disagree or criticize; that's how we learn.  We may even print your dissent.

We reserve the right to tidy up spelling and grammar as needed in contributions, letters and questions.  We think you would prefer it that way too.  (Maybe not, we are a little obsessive-compulsive on that point.... and please point out any errors we make too.)

Please keep in mind that medical problems should be diagnosed by a physician.   Diets to treat medical conditions are best recommended by a qualified dietician or other medical practitioner.    This site presents ideas on how to implement healthier diets and a forum for others to share experiences, ideas, recipes and post questions.  Contents offer only the opinions of authors and/or contributors,  and are not intended as cures for serious psychological or medical conditions.  

Contents are copyrighted.  We try to insure that contributed items aren't copyrighted by others; please report any infringements.  In case of infringement please rest assured we will issue an apology, remove the item and give proper credit and directions to the copyrighted article's URL address.  Items may be copied for personal use, or published if a link is provided to The Sneaky Kitchen site; please ask.  

Many pages contain links to sites operated by third parties; we are not responsible for content or availability of these sites.  Please report broken links and errors.  

Thank you for your patronage. 

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