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Virginia Wiedemann

Ginny, occasionally known as "The Weedy Lady", has been a good friend and a great source of information and assistance as the Sneaky Kitchen was developed.   She was the creative force behind Happy Day Cards, a website with free greeting cards for every possible flavor of felicitations, from which she has now retired.

On top of all this, she's an outstanding cook, preparing and serving innovative and healthy food.  She has generously given me many of her recipes - see the index.    PLEASE NOTE:  These recipes use American terms.  For visitors from Australia and the UK there is her page of "translations"  (which opens in a separate window so you can keep it handy as you read these recipes) so you can figure out the ingredients to be used.

She writes: "If you are fortunate to live in an area where you have access to stores which sell bulk food items, including such goodies as powdered broth, powdered cheddar cheese, dried fruits, etc. you can make your food taste really good without adding calories and fat.  Look around -- Ask around -- Find a store like this.  It will make your cooking less work, better tasting, and more fun."

She continues:  "Note that most all the recipes I have contributed to this site call for fresh ingredients.  Remember that your food will only taste as good as what goes into it!  And also remember that the most important ingredient is love!!!!"

"There's lots of vegetarian recipes to serve to "Meat and Potatoes" guests. The secret of success here is to use the wonderful products made of soy which look and taste just like meat! You'll find them in the produce department of your grocery store. They taste great, are very low in fat, have no cholesterol and -- if YOU don't tell -- no one will know the difference!"

































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