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One of the most time and money saving inventions is the modern freezer.   We can purchase on special, cook ahead, buy in bulk, and save leftovers for a future date.  A drawback is the dreaded mystery package.  Notice how supermarket packets with the lively graphics get used first?   Here's the answer to that problem:  Buy and keep and Sharpie« or similar marker in the kitchen  Buy some inexpensive storage zipper bags.  Print out the appropriate picture.   Freeze your food in the preferred packaging; write the exact name of the dish and the date on the print-out, and slip it into the storage bag along with the frozen food for double protection and easy access. 

Another inexpensive solution for freezing lots of small portions for one or two persons, bacon for a single meal, or fruit for a smoothie, shake, smoothie or batido, is to use zipper-type sandwich bags.  Flatten, lay on a tray and freeze.  As soon as frozen, place as many as will fit in gallon FREEZER bags with the printout label, dated, inside.  Instant portion control at a cheap price.   The outside bags are re-usable; just swish with water and a drop of detergent, rinse, and hang to dry.  I put mine over the window cranks in my kitchen until completely dry, then store for future use.

Find items at a glance and use older foods first!   You'll organize like never before.

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