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Pantyhose Recycling

Do you throw out pantyhose that have a snag or run? Tsk, tsk!  There are dozens of uses for used pantyhose or even the nylon anklets.  Wash first, then store until needed.  Let's hear your money- and time-saving ideas in comments.

My favorite use is in the garden.  Gently train vines and shrubs, or tie tomato plants to a stake.  Tie back branches that are growing at an inconvenient angle.  Slip over developing melons to protect them from small predators.  Store flower bulbs for the winter in a pantyhose leg.

How about those small pieces of soap that are too small to handle easily.  Don't throw them away.  Slip into a foot or one of those anklets, and when you've collected several, tie a knot to keep them in and use them in the bath for an invigorating soapy scrub.

What do you do with worn-out pantyhose?

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