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Busy people, especially during stressful times, often lose track of what they have in the fridge and when they put it there. I always say, when in doubt, throw it out.  Better yet, keep a black felt-tip marker right by the refrigerator, and before you store opened cans of tomato sauce or paste, black olives, broth, bottles of spaghetti, pizza or apple sauce, or other such items, write the day on it with the marker.  If not used within a day or two, freeze the contents in either ice cube trays, small freezer keepers such as Tupperware has, or in freezer bags (label please!  Same black marker).  You'll cook with more confidence, save money and avoid some of those cases of "stomach flu".

Match Those Buns ... a solution to rounding up unmatched hamburger or hot dog buns.  They always some in packages different that the quantity of meat your have, don't they?

Paul writes:  "I need a replacement stem and basket for a regal ware electric 4-8 cup percolating style coffeemaker."   There's many reasons in favor of repairing an appliance.  First, you are delaying addition to landfill.  Second, you will be getting more use from an appliance you like.  Third, often newer items don't last as long as the good old tried and true ones.  And fourth, sometimes you save money.   Before looking for parts, make sure the whole appliance is in generally good shape.  Then , if I were you, I'd look first in the yellow pages of your phone book under "appliance repair, small".  They will order parts, or often have them in stock for popular models.  If you cannot find it locally, bring up the Google search engine and type in:   regal + "replacement parts" + percolator    You will get a wealth of results and surely one of them will have your part if it's still available.

Put those huge dinner plates on the top shelf!  Eat from a small plate or bowl; buy some if necessary, and small dessert cups as well.  Cut down on portions and still feel like you have a full plate or bowl.  You'll save money while you're cutting calories.

Hints For Saving Money when storing food

With cost of living still rising, it's more important that ever to save pennies.  If you use any specific spice or seasoning on a regular basis, compare prices in bulk.  Refill small bottles, keep balance in freezer in air-tight containers.

Ever dump a half bottle of spice or seasoning into a dish, wasting the condiment and ruining the dish?  Here's a fix.  When you have a bottle without a dispenser or spice bottle with no shaker top, put a red or black "X" on the top as a warning.  If the top is black, put a white "X" on it with "White-Out".


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