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Here's a simple way to keep food safe on the way home from the grocery.  Frozen food loses flavor and texture, as well as growing harmful germs, when it begins to thaw.  Keep an insulated cooler in the trunk of your car.  When they bag your groceries, put frozen items together, then place them in the cooler for the trip home.

Tired of picking pieces of egg shell out of cracked eggs?  No one likes a crunchy omelet!  Instead of cracking them on the side of the bowl or pan, tap them on the counter just enough to break the shell a little.  Then it pull apart and the egg drops out with no shell fragments.

Sweat, grime and stains on upholstery make the whole house look dingy. Just spray on an upholster cleaner  foam and wipe off cleaner and soil with a damp cloth. Works fast on most all fabrics.

Freezer burn causes your stored foods to loose flavor and texture, and dry out.  If you use zipper bags, keep a clean dishpan full of cold water at hand.  Zip the bag almost closed, then submerge it except for the open part.  All the air will go out; then zip the rest of the way.  Dry off and freeze flat.

At the current price of food, nothing should be wasted.  Store celery by leaving it whole and alive! Pulling the stalks apart starts the dying process. Use a produce container (great for carrots, celery, green onions and leeks), or if using another container, leave the lid slightly open so the veggies can breathe. If you can't afford a container, leave it in the plastic wrap in which it was sold so it won't wilt or wrap it in a damp (not wet) kitchen towel.  Whenever you use some, remove any dying leaves.

See Freeze-It! for money saving ideas.

Times may be getting hard in the near future - at some point the cost of the storms, terrorism, the wars and other disasters will have to be paid for.   Take action now to be prepared - just in case.  You'll help the environment and put money in your pocket.  See Ten Commandments for Saving Electricity.  Send in your own tips, too.

With cost of living still rising, it's more important that ever to save pennies.  If you use any specific spice or seasoning on a regular basis, compare prices in bulk.  Refill small bottles, keep balance in freezer in air-tight containers.

Let's have your favorite ideas:  see comments.


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