Food Translations:  "What is Cornstarch?"   UK-USA-AUS

From Virginia Wiedemann:    This list is not intended to cover every possible ingredient in any recipe that you might find "somewhere".  It was originally supplied by a web site visitor in Australia and has been added to by other web site visitors.  Some people in all three countries will have different names for various items due to regional customs.  Some items are not available in other countries, and in those cases the list contains the closest thing that is available.  Although not complete or exhaustive, hopefully these lists will be helpful to you.  Please feel free to add to this list.  Click here for instant metric-American conversions. 

bacon rasher rasher of bacon bacon slice
beetroot beetroot beets
plain flour plain flour all-purpose flour
bicarbonate of soda bicarbonate of soda baking soda
biscuits biscuits cookies
Gravox Bisto brown gravy mix
braising steak braising steak chuck steak
calamari squid squid or calamari
capsicum pepper bell or sweet pepper
caster sugar caster sugar super fine sugar
cornflour cornflour corn starch
crystalised or glacefruit crystalised fruit candied fruit
desiccated coconut desiccated coconut shredded coconut
dry biscuits biscuits for cheese crackers
eggplant aubergine eggplant
essence essence extract
filo pastry filo pastry filo (or phyllo) dough
glace cherry glace cherry candied cherries
greaseproof paper greaseproof paper parchment (baking)  paper
grill grill broil
griller griller broiler
nonpareils hundreds & thousands sprinkles
icing sugar icing sugar confectioners sugar
jelly jelly Jello or gelatin
lamington tin deep baking tray 13" x 9" pan
Marie biscuits Rich Tea biscuits plain vanilla cookies
patty tin patty tin miniature muffin pans
pawpaw pawpaw papaya or pawpaw
plastic wrap cling film plastic wrap
prawn prawn or shrimp shrimp
punnet punnet basket for 10 oz. fruit
raw sugar raw sugar raw or unrefined sugar
rock melon cantaloupe cantaloupe or muskmelon
sandwich tin sandwich tin layer cake pan
spring onion spring onion scallion or green onion
slab tin deep baking tray 13" x 9" pan
snow pea mangetout pea pods or snow peas
sultanas sultanas white or golden raisins
swede swede rutabaga
swiss roll tin swiss roll tin jelly roll pan
tomato puree tomato puree tomato sauce
tomato sauce tomato ketchup ketchup
topside mince minced beef lean ground beef
unsalted butter unsalted butter unsalted or sweet butter
water biscuits water biscuits water crackers
wholemeal flour wholemeal flour whole wheat flour
yoghurt natural yoghurt unflavored yoghurt
zucchini courgette zucchini
silverbeet Swiss chard Swiss chard
ring tin fluted cake tin bundt pan
scone scone or bread roll biscuit
treacle treacle molasses
Demerara sugar* Demerara sugar* dark raw sugar*
golden syrup golden syrup corn syrup
?* granulated sugar* sugar*

*  There seems to be more confusion about terminology for sugar than any other single item.   When Americans buy "sugar" it is processed, granulated sugar.   Raw sugar is referred to as either "raw" or "Demarara" sugar in American recipes.   There is also American "brown sugar", which is processed -- soft and crumbly -- and comes in light or dark.

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