More ideas for Christmas card projects from Pioneer Thinking.

From Cynthia MacGregor's great newsletter:  "More fun for kids this week...'messy' fun!"  Bet it smells great, too. Coffee Dough - a new take on Play Dough.

Son Mark sent me this some time back and now I found it again in Recipe du Jour.  From Japan: you'll never look at watermelons the same way again!

Our grown children - and both of us - remember this as the Best 12 Day of Christmas Ever.  There's a lesson to be learned here, too.

If you live in northern climes, the house probably smells stale by this time, unless you're baking bread, making fragrant soup or something similar.  Here's a recipe for making your own Potpourri for home or for gifting.

Play Dough for Kids - Well, it's a recipe, only inedible.  Come to think of it, we all (myself included) have cooked something inedible from time to time.


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