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Here's how to peel a whole head of garlic in 10 seconds - from Saveur Magazine!  (Warning - uncouth language ahead by chef...)

Do you love corn on the cob, but dread the mess of shucking and getting rid of all the silk?  Take a look at this unusual solution.  No mess, no fuss, no pans.  Just easy corn.

Did You Resolve to Lose Weight in 2011? This is probably one of the most common resolutions on New Year's Day in the USA and many other countries where food is plentiful.  How many people carry through with it?  Probably not too many, according to US statistics. 

Top 3 Rice Cookers Worth Your Buy By Matthew Laphet, co-owner of Rice Cooker

One of the best set of prep and cooking instructions is from George Mateljan's In-Home Healthy Cooking School.  Short video clips give actual demonstrations on chef-quality kitchen tricks.


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