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A Complete Guide to Key Lime Pie

Key Limes are little yellowish limes that burst with juice, a small bush-sized tree that can stand up to the winds and salt air of the coral islands known as Key West, Florida.  See pictures in the video below.  Key Lime Pie can be made with regular limes, and frequently is, but a true aficionado can usually tell the difference.

A real Key Lime Pie is yellow, not green, and originally wasn't baked at all, relying on a graham cracker crust and natural thickening of the ingredients.  Most people briefly bake the pie, however, to sterilize the eggs and further thicken the ingredients, and many make it with a regular pre-baked pie crust.  Some people top it with whipped cream, some with meringue.

Read more about the history of this tasty dish at  WikipediaAlso Bev Avery's Final Word on the subject of un-Yankee-fied Key Lime Pies. 

There's even a song celebrating this famous sweet, by Kenny Chesney.       Here's some recipes:

Take a look at key limes, their products, and a video on how to make a real Key Lime Pie.  You'll see how easy it is.


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