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Top 3 Rice Cookers Worth Your Buy
By: Matthew Laphet

Think you can do without a rice cooker?  Well, perhaps these three units will change your mind, as they all do more than simply cook rice. Each model receives many positive customer feedback reviews, and throughout our research currently remain the best buy for the buck.

1) Sanyo ECJ-HC100S - Possibly the best rice cooker of the three when comparing benefits & features, quality, overall performance, and price.  This 10 cup rice cooker offers the user a wide-array of settings that not only include cooking rice, but food steaming and slow cooking as well.  For rice, the Sanyo ECJ-HC100S has 5 main cycles; white rice, brown rice, sushi, mixed, and quick cook.  When selecting white rice, the user is also given the option to choose a desired texture, (soft, regular, or firm).  The unit is easy to understand and operate, is non-stick and easy to clean, and prepares great quality rice with consistency after each use. When slow cooking the Sanyo comes with a special bowl, and folks can even select a high (205║ F.) or low (185║ F.) temperature for preparing all-in-one fantastic healthy meals.  Maximum total cook time is 12 hours when on low, 6 hours for high.  Overall, we see it as a great multi-tasking moderately priced rice cooker with a modern look & feel that should fit in most kitchens.

2)  Zojirushi NS-ZCC10 - Another great choice is the NS-ZCC10 (5 cup) model from Zojirushi.  Aboard this cooker come several rice varieties to select from, and even a texture setting when cooking white rice as offered on the Sanyo.  Like the Sanyo, this rice cooker utilizes Fuzzy Logic technology that will monitor how the rice is cooking making fine adjustments in cooking time and temperature resulting in a very good quality batch of rice.  Although we wished the unit offered a slow cooking benefit since it is priced around the same as the Sanyo, overall, it is a great choice for folks who eat rice daily and prefer to cook multiple varieties as well.  Add that without the issues of boil-over, and rice crusting, along with sporting a retractable cord, and preset timer, makes this Zojirushi rice cooker a fine machine!  The only drawback that comes to mind is the fact that folks need to wait around an hour on average for the rice to finish (longer for brown rice).  However, keep in mind that this is due to the programmed soaking time and monitoring technology this rice cooker is equipped with.  There is a "quick cook" setting for when you’re in a rush!

3)  Zojirushi NS-LAC05 - Third on our recommended list is the Zojirushi NS-LAC05 3 cup rice cooker.  Like the slightly larger NS-ZCC10, this unit will cook white and brown rice to a very good quality standard and comes with similar rice cycle settings including quick cook.  The 3 cup bowl capacity prepare around 9 cups cooked white rice, fits comfortably on small counter tops, and is the perfect size for live-alone chefs as well as couples.  For such a small capacity cooker it does come with a high price tag, but in the end folks will get what they pay for... consistent batches of rice use after use without the frustrating guesswork. 































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