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If we pray, should we get what we ask for?  Sometimes it's sort of like the three wishes from the genie in the bottle - depends on who's doing the asking and for exactly what! 

Bear With Me...

Three boys one fine Sunday decided they didn't want to attend Sunday School and church, so they continued out the back door of the church, got their fishing poles and went fishing in the woods. While they were fishing, a huge black bear came out of the woods and made for them, dinner on its mind.   Two of the boys ran away  but the third was cornered, so he ran up a small tree nearby. The bear began to shake the tree vigorously.

"Please God, let me get out of this and I'll never skip church again," prayed the youngster. He immediately fell out of the tree. The bear happily crouched over him, jaws agape, ready for the first succulent bite.

"Please, God, give this bear some human kindness. Turn him into a good Christian, and I'll never, EVER, skip church again!" pleaded the boy.

To his amazement, the bear stopped, stepped aside, folded its paws and knelt in prayer.

"Dear God," the bear said, "Thank you for this meal which we are about to receive....."

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