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New Disclaimer from ChefAl

ChefAl  has sent in a suggestion for changes to the disclaimer (that's the boring legal stuff) at the end of each page

Here it is:

Disclaimer:  Medical problems should be diagnosed by a physician [or at least a witch doctor and/or bleeding expert].  Specific diets to treat medical conditions [perceived or real] are best recommended by a qualified dietician or other medical practitioner, or a guy with leeches.  This site presents ideas on how to implement such healthier diets and provides a forum for others to share their experiences, ideas, recipes and/or questions, even the idiots from other websites.  Its contents offer only the opinions of the authors and/or contributors, and are not intended as cures for serious psychological or medical conditions, including dementia, LSD use, or just plain stupidity.  Contents are copyrighted [like someone would pay us!].  Items may be copied for personal use [not you preverts!!], or published provided the proper credit is given to The Sneaky Kitchen site, and WE ARE SNEAKY!!!  Many pages contain links to other sites operated by third parties ,... [we are still trying to find the first party].  The Sneaky Kitchen is not responsible for the content or availability of these sites.  Please report broken links [broken arms or legs, and/or broken hearts].  Thank you.

WebSite by Bess W. Metcalf     Copyright April 1999, 2000, 2001, 2008, 2011, 2121, the year 2929.....

We'll think about it and get back to you, ChefAl.... waaaaaay back!

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