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Here's a funny link to ugly food from recipe books and ads running from the 30's throughout the 60's, a period otherwise known as the "green gelatin era" of cooking.  As a preacher's daughter, I frequently was invited to partake of extra-fancy home cooking and developed, as a result, a life-long aversion to lime Jello and even lime-flavored candy.

From Linda Mann:  Great phrases for work or school.  (If you dare!)

In AAA magazine, "Little Known Facts", it's reported that American Airlines saved $40,000 in 1987 by eliminating 1 olive from each salad served in first-class.  In an unrelated (probably) report, cases of air rage have increased over 200% in the last decade.  What was in those olives, anyway?

ChefAl offers yet another submission to our site.  This is not for the faint of heart but it does explain a reference I made regarding head cheese in an earlier piece, It's Not Too Late for Fathers Day.    Read (if you dare) Chef Al Pigs Out!

Here's some strange questions the author Cynthia MacGregor found on the Sydney Olympic web site. Strange answers have been added where necessary. Down Under-- Way Down....

Donkey Reading can be dangerous to your peace of mind.  In "Little Known Facts", published in AAA magazine, it states, seriously:  "Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes."  Come now.  Let us reason together.  Where are these donkeys?  What are doing to them to make them mad, and who's doing it. What are they feeding them?  See Snopes on Donkey Hokey.

Makes you wonder how people survive:  funny reporting from my brother Lloyd and my son Mark.

Quick Thinking from Cynthia MacGregor.

Chef Al has kindly (?) sent in a suggestion for changes to the disclaimer (that's the boring legal stuff) at the end of each page. 

A funny poem brought to our attention from former Fuller rep Linda Mann:  Remember-  Before Computers.

Former Fuller Rep Linda Mann forwards this information:  Serious Condition Diagnosed - the Butfirst Syndrome.  Don't miss this warning - maybe you suffer from it.  

Wedded Blitz:   Out of the mouths of babes, as recalled by my mother, Alice Williamson.

A Capital Idea - a child's view of government seats from my aunt, Edith Williamson.

Another Take:  Do Dogs go to Heaven?  Maybe, if they have the right kind of master.   Forwarded by my brother, Lloyd Williamson.

A Woman's Prayer, from former Fuller Rep Linda Mann

The older you get, the tougher it is to lose weight, because by then your body and fat are really good friends!

Former Fuller Rep Linda Mann in Tarpon Springs tells us about a 93-year old widow's Misplaced Efforts.

See what you would do if a dog were your teacher.  You'd learn a lot of helpful life lessons.

Say the Blessing, Please - read it and weep.

Here's an opinion about immigration and food from writer Calvin Trillan.

From Granddaughter Jackie:  10 Reasons Dogs Are Better Than Kids.

Here's what pandas do for their dinner.  Can you bear it?

Today's snicker and a link to some great art prints:  A Harmonious Remedy?

A holiday story:  How the angel came to be on top of the Christmas tree.

How many dogs does it take to change a light bulb?    

Read about Grandma Williamson and the Railroad Depot.

...and you think your vet charges too much!  The Vet's Bill from Lloyd.

A philosophical view of Teeth.

From Recipe Du Jour's excellent newsletter:  
  "I've changed my mind!" snapped the customer.
            "Does it work any better?" asked the salesperson.

Want to teach your kids about the dangers of drinking alcohol?  Watch how you go about it!   See Whiskey and Worms.

In the aftermath of the AOL/Time-Warner merger, it has been leaked that Yahoo! is taking over the following companies:
    Data General
    United Health Care.
The names of the new mega company will be: Hoo-Dis, Hoo-Dat, and Hoo-Cares.

From a paper handed in to ex-teacher Harold Dunn, who wrote "The World According to Kids":  "When people are just skeletons, they are still themselves but their looks are gone."  Hear that?  Better take good care of dem bones.

Kids know what dem bones are!  From a paper handed in to ex-teacher Harold Dunn, who wrote "The World According to Kids": "Bones are what keep us from being too floppy and relaxed."

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