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Chef Al Pigs Out

Possible some of you who read "It's not too late for Father's Day" were left scratching their heads over my reference to head cheese (where I wrote "if you don't know, don't ask").  I had forgotten another name for it was Scrapple, especially in Pennsylvania. 

Like some boys in grade school cafeteria who made it their mission in life to gross out the girls, ChefAl (who I suspect has never entirely grown up) sent me the following message: "I find these, and I feel The Sneaky Kitchen needs them..... I don't know why -

Be warned - not for the faint of heart (or stomach). 

By the way, I'll never forget the first time my father actually read the label on a can of Hormel Potted Meat to my mother, out loud and indignantly,  and my great-aunt Amelia Hine, snickering, mentioned head cheese, as it was called in our part of the country.  Maybe he never saw that made, either.   He stopped buying potted meat for himself, but my mother (who did know about head cheese) would buy it for me anyway, to make school lunch sandwiches of potted meat, cheddar cheese, horseradish and mayonnaise.

The only time I saw him that disgusted over food was when I informed him that rabbits were actually rodents.  This was mostly because he used to talk about his mother, Ellen Williamson, raising and butchering rabbits for meat for the family during the great depression.  And I had two beautiful white pet rabbits.  I don't think my dad ever ate rabbit again.

By the way, one reason people in poorer areas or in bad economic times take to raising pigs is (1) they taste good,  (2)  they'll eat almost anything, and (3) there's a saying that you can utilize every part of the pig except the oink.  Not far from the truth, as head cheese or scrapple helps prove.

Pot bellied pigs and other breeds while young or small actually make cute pets, are smart and can be housetrained.  When large, though, they are a dangerous animal and have actually killed people (I wonder if they learned this from the donkeys mentioned earlier).

Do you suppose the Scrapple site is actually produced by an animal rights organization?

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