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Signs of the times - send funny signs or gleeful graffiti that you have seen.

I've decided that to raise my grades I must lower my standards.
Houghton Library Rest Room,
Harvard University - Cambridge, Massachusetts

If pro is opposite of con, then what is the opposite of progress?
Men's restroom, House of Representatives - Washington, D.C.

Friends don't let friends take home ugly men
Women's restroom
Starboard, Dewey Beach. DE

(Note:  see this, ChefAl?)

Beauty is only a light switch away.
Perkins Library, Duke University, Durham, NC


It's hard to make a comeback when you haven't been anywhere.
Written in the dust on the back of a bus,
Wickenburg, AZ

If voting could really change things, it would be illegal.
Revolution Books
New York, NY


Express Lane: Five beers or less
Sign over one of the urinals
Ed Debevic's, Phoenix, AZ

No wonder you always go home alone.
Sign over mirror in Men's restroom,
Ed Debevic's, Beverly Hills, CA

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