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The Sneaky Parrot

A woman passed by a pet shop.  A parrot in the window called out, "Lady, you're ugly!"

The woman went on her way, a little annoyed and a bit amused.  On the way back, the parrot shouted again:  "Lady, you're really ugly!"   At this she was less amused than embarrassed and angry.

The next day as she passed by, the parrot again called out loudly:  "Lady, you are really ugly!".   Losing patience, she marched into the shop and confronted the manager.  

"I'm going to wring that bird's neck if it does it again, and I'll sue you, too!"

The manager assured her that he'd control the parrot.

The following day she passed by, and there was the parrot still in the window.  And it called out, "Lady....".  She waited, and finally, the parrot continued, slyly:  "You know...."

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