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Found by ChefAl:

The Rules of Southern Cooking

  1. Cook everything 'til well done and then some.

  2. Whenever and with whatever possible, fry.

  3. Don't start measurin' ingredients and gettin' all fired up over gettin' a recipe just so.  Southern cooking is done by taste, not by book.

  4. When possible, cook with cast-iron skillets and pots for extra flavor.

  5. Always have biscuits or some form of soppin' bread with every meal.

  6. Always cook more than you can eat, in case company stops by.

  7. Don't toss out your grease.  Keep a can on the stove for all your drippins.

  8. Don't waste anything.

  9. The more you grow, catch, or shoot your own food, the better it will taste.

  10.  Food never tastes right unless it's been blessed.


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