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My mother, Alice Williamson, told me this one. 

Where is God?

Two mothers were comparing notes on their six-year-old sons.  Their behaviors had been pretty bad.  One mother told how much better things had been since she took her son to church for counseling with Father O'Ryan.

The other mother, thinking she should try it too, set a date with the Reverend Father.  On the day of the appointment, she took along her four-year old son, sitting with him in the waiting room while she sent the older boy into the office.

"Well, son," the priest began, "I have a question for you.  Where is God?"

The boy looked at his feet and a didn't answer.

Father O'Ryan asked again, "Where is God?"  The boy began to fidget nervously.

A third time he asked, more sternly, "Where is God?" 

At this the little fellow jumped up with tears in his eyes, ran out of the office, grabbed his younger brother by the hand and dragged him out of the church, explaining: "Run, run!  The Father thinks we stole God!"


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