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Darned women drivers!

Indignant male driver reports:

"I was driving to work the other morning, when I looked over to the car in the next lane.  There was this woman, going over the speed limit at least 70 miles an hour, with her face right up against the rear view mirror putting on her makeup. 

"I looked away a moment, and when I looked back, she was still at it, and drifting into my lane.  It scared me so bad I dropped my electric shaver.  Trying to catch both it and my doughnut which I had been holding in my other hand, and while trying to straighten out the car with my knees on the steering wheel, I dropped my cell phone into my coffee, which I was holding between my legs, scalding my crotch and also losing a very important call.

"I somehow got control of the car, mopped up the coffee, brushed off the doughnut crumbs, got the shaver off the floor and dialed the person back that I had been talking with.  When I looked over, there was that woman, oblivious to it all, now combing her hair and still crowding into my lane. 

"Darned women drivers!!!"

(Yeah, right!) 

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