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Cynthia MacGregor, in her great newsletter, asks for contributions to the question: "What one thing do you most hope will change for the better in 2011?"  Here's some responses:

From Vee:  My hopes for 2011 are for good health my dad who is in nursing home to be alert healthy; my husband and I to get a much needed vacation; people everywhere to do for each other and to smile more and to hear laughing and people appreciating each other and for this to be everyone's best year ever.

From Fuller Brush Division Director John Vandervelde:  Dear God,   All I ask for in 2011 is a big, fat bank account and a slim body… please don’t mix these up like you did last year.  Amen

From Hazelle Monday: You said it so well, I don't think anybody could have said it better. Have a great day......  God Bless You.

From Rabbi Edwin Goldberg:  In 2011 may we recognize the choice we all have and choose, more often than not, to keep calm and carry on.













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