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I wrote this "recipe for growing up" to someone about to enter the teen years, who was so miserable with life, even running away was fleetingly considered.

If you are the parent, grandparent or confidant of a pre-teen or early teenager suffering from "teenage angst", you might print out the following advice for them, or steer them to it.  Personally I like kids once they're the age of reason, and that includes teenagers.  The early teen years mark one of the most difficult transitions of life; don't underestimate it's difficulty.  For the "victim", in my opinion it's even worse than other transitions such as the terrible twos, entry into the "real world" at education's completion, early parenthood, change of life or even life's ending.  Don't shrug off their struggle and inevitable unhappiness.         

All these are not things my parents taught me.  I learned a lot from my Grandmother Williamson, my dad's mother, who lectured everybody a whole bunch, and my mother's father, Grandpa Hine, who would give out gems of wisdom when you least expected it.  They both had to deal with a lot of loss, sadness and problems in their lives and had become wiser and stronger from it.  I had a very few really good teachers in school, too.  I didn't understand or pay attention completely at the time, but I did as I got older, and I wish I had sooner.  I'm still working on a lot of it, as most adults do all their life if they're smart.

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