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Terrorist Attack Risk Quiz

Want to gauge your chance of catching or dying from a biological or chemical terrorist attack?  Or a bomb or other attack?  Just take this quiz:

    I sometimes drive without fastening my seat belt.

    Sometimes I drive on tires that are somewhat worn, because I can't afford to buy new ones.

    I sometimes talk or text on my cell phone while driving.

    On occasion I drink coffee or soda, light a cigarette, tune the radio, change a CD or put on makeup while driving.

    If the kids act up while I'm driving, I don't pull over until they stop.  I try to make them behave right on the spot without stopping.

    I don't keep my car doors locked when I'm driving in the city.

    I don't cater to other drivers that are breaking the law; I go on my way without worrying about what other stupid drivers do or don't do. 

    I often get very angry at other drivers and at slowdowns in traffic.

    I'm on the road a lot in a car during peak traffic hours.

    I wait until my car breaks down to get work done on it.  I don't believe in or can't afford preventive maintenance.  If it's not broke, don't fix it, you know? 

    I ride a motorcycle (as driver or passenger).

    I sometimes ride a motorcycle, bicycle, scooter, skateboard or skate without wearing a helmet.

    If the phone rings during a thunderstorm, I answer it.  It might be important.

    I don't rush inside when a storm approaches, after all, there's little chance of lightning striking me.  

    When it's raining, I sometimes take shelter under a tree.

    I boat, but I don't bother to wear a life jacket.  I can put it on if I need to.

    I often swim in water over shoulder deep without a lifeguard in sight, nor a friend that could serve as one in a pinch.

    I don't bother with hurricane shutters (if you live in a hurricane zone) or storm cellar (if you live in tornado-prone areas).  

    I don't have working smoke detectors in every single room of my house.   

   I don't have a carbon monoxide detector in my home.

   I don't have my furnace checked and serviced every single autumn if it seems to be in good working condition.

    I have some electrical outlets in the bathroom or near the sink in the kitchen, or outside (or used with something outside) that are not GFI protected.  (Or I don't know what a GFI is, and my home is older than 10 years.)

    I don't bother about home security (alarms, deadbolts, trained dogs, special locks on sliding glass doors and windows, etc.) because I live in a safe, secure  neighborhood.

   I haven't rehearsed how to get out of the house quickly at night if it caught on fire.   What's the rush?  Just leave.

   If I have grills on my windows, not all the bedrooms have at least one that can be opened in an emergency such as a fire.

    If there's only one staircase on my two-story home, I don't have rope ladders or other ways to escape in case of a fire that traps us at night.

   There's a gun at hand at home; it's not locked up and unloaded, because that would defeat the purpose.

    I haven't been able to stop smoking entirely.      

     I have several beers or other alcoholic drinks every day, or on weekends,  but I could stop if I wanted to.

    I'm thirty or more pounds overweight, but I can't seem to lose it.     

    I don't eat a lot of bright orange, red or green vegetables and fruits.  Never learned to like them or don't have time to prepare them.

    I don't like and don't eat a lot of beans, lentils, whole grains and that stuff.

    I drink several cups of coffee with sugar and cream, and/or several sodas every day.

    I eat a lot of sweets; I have a real sweet tooth.

    I don't drink much water or juice, and certainly not 2 quarts a day! 

    I have to eat out a lot, and usually have to end up eating fast food or fried foods.

    I don't worry about additives, preservatives, flavorings and colors in food and drink; after all, the government wouldn't allow them if they weren't completely safe.

    We have a lot of meat on our table.

    We don't eat a lot of fish at our home.

    I don't worry about a low fat diet, or unsaturated fats, or hydrogenated ones.  I think the danger is overrated.

    I don't worry about getting enough calcium, Vitamin D and exercise to keep my bones strong; I don't think that's a problem, or I'm not old enough to worry.

    I know I should exercise regularly, but I don't have the time (or energy).

    I have a lot of stress at work (or at home, in my marriage or relationship, at school, etc. etc.) but don't have time or money to do anything about it, or don't know what to do about it.

    My spouse (or significant other) is abusive or threatens me, but I love him/her and can't get out of the relationship.

    I don't get pap smears and mammograms (women) or prostate exams (men).

    I don't know what my blood pressure is (or know it's high but can't do anything about it).

    I have diabetes but don't have it under control, or it's under control pretty much although I'm still overweight or don't exercise regularly.

    I don't know what my cholesterol count is, or I can't control my high "bad" cholesterol though the Doctor says I should.  Or I don't understand how to control it.

    I sometimes have unprotected sex (other than with a monogamous long-term partner).

    I don't worry about the environment, because there's nothing I can personally do about it anyway.

    I sometimes do drugs, but I could stop anytime I wanted to.

Now count the items you checked.  If you have ticked off as many as 20 of these questions, there's an overwhelming probability that something else would get you before you ever got near a terrorist attack of any kind.

In fact, there's very little chance, even if you didn't check ANY of the above, that you would be the victim of a terrorist.   You have more chance of being the victim of someone else who has ignored the above items.

Thousands and thousands of people die every day in traffic and other accidents, of electrocution, of AIDS, hepatitis and other preventable diseases, from smoking disorders, complications from diabetes or as the result of high cholesterol or high blood pressure, or from drug overdoses or taking contaminated drugs, or by being murdered by their spouse, lover, partner, co-worker, or even just a stranger who they engage in a dispute.   We don't get hysterical unless it's a mass murder scene such as Columbine, and for the larger part, do not take the simple preventative steps suggested in the above quiz. 

So, calm down, put it in perspective, and take normal precautions as outlined by the authorities.  Forget stocking up on antibiotics and gas masks.  This is a useless and expensive exercise in false reassurance. 

Stock up instead on extra food and bottled water, pet supplies and necessary prescriptions and personal needs.  Buy hurricane shutters, or prepare storm cellars, install deadbolts or alarm systems (or train a dog), replace non-GFI outlets near water sources.  Make sure you have a smoke detector in every room.  Have your furnace checked.

Insist that your car doesn't move unless everyone is quiet and has their seat belt fastened.   Keep your vehicle and its tires in good condition.   Pull over and park before you make or take a call on your cellular. Take away the kid's bicycles, skates, etc. if you catch them without their helmets on.   Take away your teenager's car if you find they have driven without a seatbelt or after drinking, or have been speeding.  Make with tough love.

Improve your own diet and that of your family.   Drink only in moderation.  Don't smoke!!!!!!!!

You'll live a lot longer if you take precautions against these real, present dangers. 

And while you're doing these things, support our government's determination to wipe out these vicious and demented terrorists so we can all - in the the USA and other parts of the world - enjoy life more fully.

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