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Company in the Kitchen

Do you know when it's helpful to have your kids in the kitchen (or your spouse), and when it's better to keep them out?    

Bar the door when:

  • You add ingredients they may not like to a dish they already like and will eat.

  • You're preparing something they may find disgusting to look at raw or unprepared.

  • You're in a bad mood or have just scolded them for something.

  • You're substituting ingredients that they may not approve of.

Invite them in when:

  • You're fixing something they really like to eat.

  • They need to learn to fix an item for themselves.

  • You're preparing something that is lots fun to make.

An example in this last category:  if your kids don't especially care for summer squash, help them fix Yellow Squash Pennies.  Make sure all adults eat it with great gusto; the kids will come along too.  This is also a great snack food.

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