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Hilda Graham (our contributor, now deceased) wrote: 

"I was watching the news this morning -  all the candidates striving for votes - some of them were absolutely horrible to each other accusing them of being crooks or worse.  These are the men or women who have chosen to lead our country; instead of telling us what visions they have to help get our country back on track they are so busy trying to defame their opponents that nothing positive comes out of their mouths.

I am so disillusioned with all parties it is hard to make decisions who to vote for, we do have a few good candidates in all parties but they cannot be heard over all the commotions caused by all these negative advertisements.

Here is something I wrote a couple of years ago:" 

Is There a Cure?

There are many diseases that no doctor can cure, such as bigotry, vanity, jealousy, envy, spite, hatred and many more.  Why do we cause so much hurt, how can we justify our actions?  Think what causes us to strike out at others.  Is it because of skin color, language barriers, what country we are from, our religion and many other things?  Why can't we try to understand others' opinions, their culture and their beliefs?  If it is different than ours, do we have the right to tell them they are wrong and that only our opinions count?  Shouldn't we accept their views and try to be tolerant and understand?

If we did this - and I mean all people - wouldn't this be a much better world?  Why can't we travel anywhere in the world without passports, visas, etc. and not be afraid of adverse reactions from others who live a different lifestyle than we?  Can't we greet each other in friendship, welcoming all to a free world? 

Stop the greed in governments, for we are all human beings, so let's act human to all our fellow men and women.  To practice love not hate, but have respect and understanding for all.  This could be the ultimate cure, but to make it possible it has to begin with each one of us, and most of all it has to come from our hearts.

Written by Hilda Graham 11-30-2000

From Bess:

I'm with you, Hilda.  Let's reconsider voting for those who run negative campaigns, and further, let's stop all this negative publicity and exposes about politicians' personal lives - those past and present.  The only important thing should be what they did with their power in office.  Judgment of their ethics should extend to their honesty and competence in financial, business and political matters - period.

As far as getting along, I'm all for it, but I'll believe it when I see it, since I think that xenophobia is a natural instinct for survival of the fittest.  We have a long way to go, I'm afraid, before real trust, sharing and cooperation will occur.

Along that line, my father always preached that in the last days, when the new kingdom comes, the lion will lay down with the lamb, etc.  Those that are always looking for portents will have noticed the recent story from Nairobi, Kenya, about a lioness that catches baby antelopes and cuddles and mothers them.  She prefers the onyx species of antelope, separates the baby from its terrified parents, lies down with it and protects it from other predators.  Government rangers have had to intervene to rescue some as they weakened from lack of food, although when the baby died naturally the lioness disposed of it the most practical way - by having dinner. 

My take on it is that if such a thing were to come to pass, it would be great for the lamb - or antelope, etc.  but not so good for the lions who are carnivores and cannot survive a vegetarian diet. 

Or as Woody Allen quipped:  "The Lion will lay down with the Lamb, but the lamb won't get much sleep".  

Politicians, on the other hand, might find they could survive quite well if they quit hacking their opponents and actually laid out plans (and carried them out) to improve our lives.

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