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When Natural Disaster Strikes

The worst of winter is still to come, and more power outages predicted.   Then before we know it, some areas will suffering devastating floods as the winter snows melt off, others will feel the wrath of spring tornados.  Will you be ready?

When Hurricane Andrew hit South Florida in 1992, I thought we were prepared.  We always put up our hurricane shutters.  We had extra food for us and the pets, water for drinking and washing, a Sterno in case the gas shut down, charcoal for a grille, a safe place in the house with a cache of tools, first aid supplies, our computers and other electronics wrapped in plastic, lanterns, candles and flashlights, extra batteries and radios.   

We weren't ready.   We weren't prepared for all the stores for miles around being closed because of lack of electricity for 4 to 10 days, with extreme shortages for a while after they opened.  What do you tell a neighbor whose dog is hungry because he failed to buy extra dog food?   What do you say to a neighbor who needs extra food to take to relatives deep in the destroyed area, especially if small children are involved?  This happened several times; we gave away more than we consumed ourselves.  What do you do if roads are impassable and the food you stocked has been destroyed?  It happened to thousands in Dade County in 1992.

Project SafeSide can help.  It tells you how to be prepared for weather disasters, and possible avoid one of your own.  There's two ways to get a free kit;  you can write for one, or download the kit on the internet.   Write to:

Project SafeSide
c/o Weather Channel 
300 Interstate North Parkway,
Atlanta, Ga, 30339

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