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Not So Doleful Anymore

Last week I wrote about a problem I was having with packaged salad greens spoiling, specifically Dole packaged greens, and I mentioned that I had written to Winn-Dixie and Dole, by email, and hadn't gotten a response.

I spoke too soon.  Dole sent a fat envelope with Recipes, Tips, Usage, coupons, and more.  They also state that the packages have a "use by..." date.  I have seen this on the boxes, but not on the bags; I'll have to look harder, but right now I only have a box of greens on hand. 

Dole explains the procedure for cleaning and packaging its salad greens, and it's impressive.  One thing they mention is that they recommend that consumers do not use any greens with an expired Best-If-Used-By-Date even if they appear wholesome.  I know that two bags I purchased did not have this date; I think I need to do some more detective work on this one.  This were both bags that had spoilage when I purchased them.  This can be caused by expiration or poor handling at the retail level.  I'll keep readers posted, and share some of the hints and recipes.  Start with Harvest Apple Slaw.