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Is exercise a part of your diet?

Maybe you hadn't thought about exercise as being part of a healthy diet.  But there is a direct relation between exercise and your digestive process:

  • You need a lot of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.  You will have difficulty getting enough from your food without becoming overweight, unless you burn the calories that accompany those nutrients by activity. 
  • If you love to eat, you can do more of it without becoming overweight if you exercise or engage in vigorous physical activity regularly.
  • Exercise causes wastes to move faster through the lower digestive tract, which is healthier for you.
  • Exercise stimulates the gall bladder, making it less likely that the fat in your diet will trigger a painful gallstone attack.
  • Food tastes a whole lot better after vigorous physical activity.

By the way, the best time to introduce a new food to your family is when they are really starving, and it usually takes exercise to create that kind of hunger.

Get moving so you can keep on eating those delicious healthy foods!



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