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Why Is Santa Claus So Fat???

We all know that jolly ole Saint Nick has a large belly and rotund physique.  Could it be all those cookies and glasses of milk?

For generations, our version of Santa is one of a jolly plump gentleman, and hired helpers at department stores and other locations have corpulence and a white beard as one of their favored job descriptions.

Doesn't anyone wonder how those reindeer survive, pulling such a load?  And is his jolly tradition just laughing through his tears, as is the case with many fat, jovial men and women?  Fat children are less resilient and often suffer greatly when teased and harassed by classmates.  Childhood obesity not only is a cause of "being chosen last" with frequency, but increasingly a serious health problem, making them more prone to heart problems, diabetes, cancer, premature ageing and many other ills.

As a better example, if you have little ones at home who still hang a stocking and leave a treat, let them choose a perfect apple, peach, pear or tangerine, or perhaps a dish of nuts.  If Santa doesn't eat it all, he can feed it to his reindeer.

Since we know who ultimately enjoys from these treats in the interest of preserving Santa's presence a little longer, the treats will be better for parents too, and less likely to make you look like Santa Claus.

However, if you are stuck on cookies and milk, make it low-fat or skim milk and one of these great cookie recipes.

Much of this list was sent by my brother, Lloyd Williamson, a true cookie gourmet.  Featured in North

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