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The Food Doctor       

I read about this book in Third Age.    The contributor wrote:

"It is true we are what we eat -- and when our health goes wrong, it is often due to the foods we eat or don't eat."

We already believed that - it's one of the reasons for this website.  The nutritionists that wrote this book came up with a lot of basic and informative ideas and solutions, as reported by Third Age:

"Hay fever and skin irritations can be brought on by poor liver function, pollution, adrenal stress and lack of digestive enzymes, among other things.  Edgson and Marber say food  solutions include grapefruit, plums, kale, broccoli, onions, mackerel and chicken.  And if you have sandwiches for lunch, 'insure that the type of bread and fillings are rotated daily to prevent intolerances brought on by a repetitive diet."

Prevention magazine also emphasizes eating the right foods at the right times.  Suggestions include eating before and after simple exercise or exertion, or when running marathons.

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