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Food for Tots              

When human beings lived communally (and where they still do) teaching a baby to eat throughout its first years was a snap.   One fed what was available and what the others in the group were giving theirs.  No questions or doubts there!

Now we are faced with bewildering and sometimes expensive choices and an overload of often conflicting information.  Want some help?

Usually when we find an interesting or informative web site, we just refer you to it.   This one deserves a page of its own.  If you have very small children, you will do yourself a favor to visit this site -  Food for Tots.   Their mission:

"We take the worry out of feeding your child.  Questions about fussy eaters, food allergies, safety, nutrition?  We have the answers!  Fun activities to do with preschoolers, easy recipes, cooking tips and more."

From what I've seen of their site, they fulfil that mission excellently.  Their information on nutrition gives some scary statistics (that bear out what I have observed):

"Most American children have diets that need improvement.  A study done by the United States Department of Agriculture indicates that only 35% of 2 to 3 year olds have what the USDA defines as a good diet. By age 4 to 6 only 16% of children have good diets."

Think about it!

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