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Powerhouse Greens

Gourmet Connection has a great article on greens-- kale, chards, and more.   The health benefits of greens cannot be over-estimated.  According to Gourmet Connection, quoting nutritionist Melanie Polk, R.D., Director of Nutrition Education at the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR):

"Over the last few years, our understanding of how greens protect our health has greatly expanded.  We now know that they are powerful arsenals in the fight against cancer."

Gourmet Connection goes on to say:

"In addition to being rich in vitamins A and C, greens contain naturally occurring substances called phytochemicals, which are part of our front-line defense against cancer.

One family of phytochemicals with the tongue-twister name, isothiocyanates, contains some of the most effective cancer-prevention agents.  Isothiocyanates are partially responsible for the pungency of some leafy greens.  Also abundant in greens are indoles, thought to help protect against the risk of hormone-dependent breast cancer, and flavonoids, which fight against carcinogens.

Just one serving of leafy greens is estimated to contain over 100 different phytochemicals.  Scientists don't yet understand exactly how they all work, but they do know that we can maximize their benefits by including a wide variety of these vegetables in our daily meals."

I've long been aware of the great benefits available in greens of all kinds, including and especially cruciferae (broccoli, cabbage, kale and many more).   After having enjoyed some really great kale, two cabbage dishes and some turnip greens with turnips, cooked with hot red pepper flakes, I had decided to write an article on the benefits of greens, and to dig out some of my recipes that utilize them.  I changed my mind after seeing an article's link in Gourmet Connection's newsletter. 

Included in the article are ways to sneak greens into the family's menus and teach small children to appreciate them.

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