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Well, I just exploded the boiled eggs again, for probably the 101st time.  A little experimentation has solved that problem.

Hard-boiled solution for busy cooks

If I had a dollar for every hard-boiled egg I have burned over the years, I'd pay off a bunch of bills for sure.  Since I almost always use the same pot, which is a RevereWare saucepan that's almost 50 years old, it's a wonder it's still in reasonably good shape.  (It has since developed a leak and had to be discarded! Sniff, sniff!)  

It's not that I wander off to watch the soaps or anything - I have to run for the doorbell, sign in packages, answer the phone, translate for someone, collect rent (heck, burn the eggs for that one!), break up the occasional dog or cat squabble....

I have timers, but they usually seem to be out of hearing.  I've tried other cooking methods but they don't taste the same.  Burned eggs explode; I've cleaned them off the ceiling!   This time only one burst open, shooting a hard cooked yolk intact onto the middle of the stove.  I put it in the dog's food and gave hubby the pan to scrub, since it was his problem I was working on when I did it that dirty deed again.. 

Today I decided there had to be a better way.  I know about micro-waving eggs, including pricking the yolk so it won't explode, but that tends to toughen the protein of the egg and makes an ugly thing to try to garnish with.

First I pricked a pinhole in the ends of three eggs.  Then I took a semi-deep CorningWare baking dish, placed the eggs in it and covered them with filtered water.  It went into the microwave on medium-high power.  Altogether it took about 17 minutes for it to come to a full boil, at which time I turned it off and left it until it was barely cool enough to handle.  The eggs were tender-hard boiled, and the shells had cracked, making them easy to peel.  Voila! 

They're in the refrigerator for garnish and extra nutrition in tomorrow's green salad.  By the way, I use Eggland's Best brand, one of several from specially-fed chickens which raises the valuable Omega 3 and lowers the cholesterol in the yolks.

The time they take to boil will depend on the number and size of eggs, quantity of water, the temperatures of each, and the power of your microwave.  DON'T remove the eggs or open the microwave until the water cools somewhat. Explosions are still possible otherwise.

Hope my little ole' RevereWare pan didn't feel unwanted.....

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