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Do you know the relationship between the little stiff ends on shoelaces, and aging?  No?  You'll be surprised at this theory of a simple way to live longer and feel younger.

More and more we have accumulated more cards; debit cards, credit cards, library cards, insurance cards. But there's a more important one that can take a load off your mind and your responsibilities. What card?

Keeping children healthy and well nourished on a vegan or vegetarian diet is a daunting although do-able task.

Do you overdo during the holidays?  Too much rushing around, eating and drinking?  Third Age offers some preventative and curative solutions.

Here we go again!  Holiday season can be hard on buttons and zippers if you don't watch what you eat.  A few simple hints at Third Age.

I'm fond of telling people "you can't fool Mother Nature".  You can of course; get a free coupon and try this new product.

When I was a pre-teen, a courageous lady taught us how to make Dump Soup.

Keeping children healthy and well nourished on a vegan or vegetarian diet is a daunting task.  See Vegetarian Guidelines.

Got the munchies?  Here's a helpful list of healthy snacks from AvMed.

Looking for a safer Halloween?  See the history of this holiday and ways to make it safer and much more fun for you and your family.

A hint from a contributor:  when making Chocolate Spiders for Halloween, insert "eyes" with M & M's as soon as you make each one. 

A hint for healthier eating from Michele in Massachusetts:  "When I make lasagna I use whole wheat lasagna noodles and nobody can even tell underneath all the sauce.  It tastes the same but healthier.  I also use low-fat cottage cheese, and I add one egg and lots of fresh parsley in the cheese mixture.   My lasagna is delicious and no one notices the cheese or noodle switch."  

Visit Food for Tots.   When human beings lived communally (and where they still do) teaching a baby to eat throughout it's first years was a snap.   Now it's a lot more complicated.  Here's some help. 

Hints for safe handling of fruits and veggies.

Leftover tomato paste

Stale bread

All About Eggplant
 Hints on selecting, cooking and adding eggplants to the family diet.

*  Are our appliances turning on us?   Read this warning about microwave use.

*  See some smart hints and suggestions from Mum in Kelseyville, California.

Play Dough:   well, it's a recipe, only inedible.  Come to think of it, we all (myself included) have cooked something inedible from time to time.

*  So you're on a diet- you're being good.  But you're a chocoholic, and that's a temptation you have trouble resisting.  What to do?  A surprising answer.

*  If you make biscuits or scones with self rising flour, use plain flour to dust the kneading board and cutter.  Self-rising flour on the outside will give the crust of the biscuit a bitter taste.

*  Easiest way to peel garlic is to cut off the tough end of a clove with a sharp paring knife, then give it a good whack to squash it slightly.  The paper skin will slip right off.

*  Know what to do with leftover tomato paste?

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