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Match Those Buns

One annoying chore we all have is buying hamburger or hot dog buns in quantities to match the number of hot dogs in a package, or the number of burgers you intend to cook.   The amount never matches.    This may be a bonus for the bakeries but a loss to the cook's budget unless a way is found to use them up.

If you thriftily freeze them, no matter how well wrapped, they're never the same!   The usual path is from breadbox to freezer to garbage-- or perhaps dog food.

Worse is having a hot dog or hamburger snack you don't really want, just to use up the buns.  From your lips to your hips.

Fret no more!    

Here's some ideas for leftover hot dog buns:

  • Cube them and make seasoned croutons
  • Break them into pieces, let dry, and make bread crumbs
  • Dry and save for stuffing
  • Have a few hot dogs left over, but not enough?  Split them and serve a different dish in a day or two:  Coney Islands
  • Make Mock Dogs
  • Another vegetarian special:  Cool Dogs
  • Make any kind of sandwich for children, who find hot dog buns easier to handle than floppy bread sandwiches, anyway.

Leftover hamburger buns?   In addition to croutons, bread crumbs or stuffing, try the following:

  • Make Picadillo or Ropa Vieja with Perfect White Rice.  The next day serve leftovers in a bun for Sloppy Joes.
  • Simmer some lean pork with a chopped onion and chopped stalk of celery until tender and liquid has cooked away.  Cool, pull or mash into shreds, add your favorite barbeque sauce and reheat  for Barbecue Pork Sandwiches
  • Make Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Ham and cheese with tomato or onion, or any other kind of sandwich that lends itself to a round shape.
  • Make broiled cheese sandwiches.  Split buns, lay on a baking sheet, and top each with a slice of reduced fat or fat free cheese.  Run under broiler until cheese is bubbly-hot.  Remove, add a slice of tomato or perhaps one of onion to each bottom section, or even a spoonful of leftover baked beans, cover with the cheesy top half and enjoy!  


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