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I Can't Believe....

I'm fond of telling people "you can't fool Mother Nature".   You can of course;  look at the million dollar industry in girdles, bras, cosmetics, wigs, etc.!

Needing to cut extra fat and calories, in the past few years I tried a number of butter substitutes, and while a number are edible (just), most are pure yuck as far as I'm concerned.  I use a non-hydrogenated lite margarine and try to cut calories elsewhere.

I just found a butter substitute I'd like to recommend; it has everything going for it.   It's a finger spray.  The sprayer is neither so coarse it comes out in blobs, nor so fine you breathe as much as you eat;  in fact, it's just right!  Both the flavor and the smell are satisfactory, plus it has enough volume to slightly moisten the food, one of several reasons we like butter.  It has good mouth-feel.  It's mostly made from harmless, natural ingredients like extracts of buttermilk, soybean and cream.  It has zero calories!   The container is pretty enough to bring to the table. 

This product is "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" Spray.   I'm not advertising it (although I wouldn't mind doing so).  I'm just recommending that, if you are cholesterol and calorie conscious, you give it a try.    This "butter" can be used for cooking or basting, but I am sure it takes special recipes, which I haven't seen.  It's mostly to use at the table (or just before you get to the table, if you're being sneaky). 

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