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Where have all the freebies gone?  Thank back a few years if you are old enough...

Is mealtime also family time in your home?  If not, think about its importance in their lives - and yours!

Romance Author Morgan Ashbury writes a column in Cynthia Macgregor's newsletter, Ezine.  Her column last week really stuck a note with me, considering the state of our nation.  Read it and see if you feel the same way.

From author (and more) Cynthia Macgregor, a message of advice for a more fulfilling life: Don't color inside the lines!

Are we really facing a new kind of war - climate change?  Read this before you head to the polls - Cold War.

Veterans aren't a new thing in America, but across the ages since our country was formed; To The American Troops Before The Battle of Long Island given by George Washington.

Can anything that hurts so bad be good for you?  Discover some burning truth about chilies at Third Age.

When our health goes wrong, it is often due to the foods
we eat or don't eat.   Visit the
Food Doctor!

What about potatoes?  Do you know the facts?  You might be surprised.   History, facts, recipes and more.

Still doubt that those terrific tomatoes have tremendous disease curative and preventative properties?     As has been expressed by Garfield the cat, maybe lasagna really is the world's most perfect food.

From ancient times dogs have benefited human beings.   They participated in hunting;  they guarded, protected, carried and fetched.    But can they help us eat a healthier, tastier diet?

Every generation has its own set of problems while growing up.  Getting the proper nutrition during these difficult and stressful pre-teen and teen years has always been important;  helping them eat properly can help beat the before and after school blues.

A contributor writes that her son was a horribly picky eater as a baby and pre-schooler.   Read her solutions.

What's Up, Honey?   Do you like it sweet?

Unschooled nutrition?  Ideas about how to maintain your child's diet when away from home.

If you aren't using a whole lot of Herbs and Spices in your cooking, you are missing out in more ways than one.   Here's why these items are vital to a delicious, nutritious diet.

Table manners a delicate subject?   Children's present and future diet and nutrition can be affected, as well as their social and/or business standing later on.

What does good food or a healthy diet consist of?   Is it what you think?  Ten commandments from the Sneaky Kitchen.

Hints for safe handling of fruits and veggies.

Power Foods or Wimpy Fillers?   Would it be possible to avoid three-quarters of future doctor visits?  Maybe.

Is exercise a part of your diet?  Maybe you hadn't thought about it that way.  But there is a direct relation between your level of physical activity and your digestive process.

Are you eating power foods or wimpy fillers?   Consult the lists and calculate the real balance in your diet.

A reader asks: "Do you have any old and new Watkins cookbooks to see? Thanks. Ruby LawsonActually I have a large number of Watkins recipe books, but I cannot copy or share them as they are copyrighted.  I only publish those recipes that Watkins publishes in it's own catalogs and sales brochures.  You can see these at Watkins Recipes.  I'm adding to them as fast as I can.  Watkins frequently has new themed recipe books for sale, so you can build your own collection.  The current one is Simply Nutritious Chicken & Turkey for Today.

Forget the can-can:  this is can can't!  Can you help this reader with a recipe for baking in cans?

A reader asks: Does ground ginger have the same benefits as ginger root?   See Ginger's Benefits.

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