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Want to find recipes for Mexican cuisine?  Amy does; see the Mexican Connection for a full dinner table of links.

Do you like Chili?  A lot of people do; see Chili: A Hot Topic.    

If you, man or woman, are reading this, it's probable that you're the chief cook and bottle washer at your house (or at least the head chef).  That, and what usually goes with it, is a demanding and stressful, never-ending job.  To do it lovingly, joyfully and well means caring for yourself too.  

Urgent "gas-out" update!  If you plan to take part, read this immediately.

Familiar's nice, but variety is the spice of -- dinner?  

Want to eat butter, cream, salt and cheese?  Are they junk food or an adjunct to a healthy diet? 

Are you wearing the green?  See an Irish blessing, some history on St. Patrick's Day, fun things for kids and links to good Irish food.

Are you feeling the pinch of gasoline prices?  Here's an idea for your consideration.

Jody has a problem.  Has she got a Supertaster?   Could  you help?

In "No Veggies, Please" a reader asks for your advice.  Can you give her any ideas? 

We've heard about religious symbols appearing in such unlikely places as the bark of a tree, spilled dried ice cream or even chewing gum stuck to the side walk.   But did you know that there's a food that grows its own religious symbol?   It performs miracles, too.  Read "What's up with the cruciferae?".

Is total control a good thing?  Read some ideas on the subject.

Are you aware of the dangers of certain types of cooking oils?  Read about it in The Oily Facts.

What if I told you about an exciting adventure you could embark upon that would last a lifetime and always present something new?  You'd like that, wouldn't you?  

Restricting one's diet and caloric intake when one is overeating because of unhappiness is like scrubbing an earthen floor.  You're unlikely to get anywhere with it.

Well, we've been rapped on the knuckles again concerning our advice about counting (or miscounting, as the case may be) our calories.

A down-under query from Rachel.

Company coming?  Be forewarned; read about a disaster in New Recipes & Nasty Food.  

Naomi Karen asks "How much sugar should a person limit themselves to?"

More on "How Much Sugar"; dietitian Jessica Setnick says there are official guidelines.  

Stress Management:   Some ideas on how to nurture yourself!

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