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Under-ripened fruits (plus tomatoes and avocados) can be ripened  easily in a brown paper bag.  Don't use plastic bags - fruits are living things that need to breathe!  Don't crowd items into the bag.  Keep it on the kitchen counter in a shady place.  Just as a bird turns eggs in her nest to develop them evenly, it's a good idea to turn the fruit over once a day.  To ripen them faster, add a banana or apple, as these fruits emit a gas that causes other fruits to ripen faster.   

You know what they say-- "The apple never falls far from the tree."  Applies to the colonies, too.  Or maybe it's worldwide.  A note from a reader:  "Thank you for recipes with 'cruciferae'.  Greens are good, as I keep telling my husband when he turns his nose up at Broccoli.  Here in England the children do not eat enough greens.  Looking forward to trying your recipes - keep up the good work.  Yours, Val McMillan"   Believe me, Val, in the USA they don't eat enough greens either.  That's one of the reasons for my website; pure indignation at the average American kid's diet.    

What's a "Food Jag" and what can a parent do about it?  Read about this and some other eating problems and solutions from Dr. Koop.

Want to keep your recipe cards clean and readable?  Thread the card between the tines of a fork, then stand the fork in a glass or bottle. The card will be at just the right angle for reading, and safe from spills and fingerprints.

What happens if children drink too much juice?  See "Juicy Conflicts & Common Sense".  And have you heard about the lawsuit against a top Proctor and Gamble product?  Here's some controversy for you!

When you have the munchies so bad you just must have something crunchy and creamy, go ahead!  Keep a 8-oz. container of fat free sour cream in the fridge, already seasoned with your favorite dip mix.  My own is Watkins Onion and Dill, a powdered mix.  Others may prefer that ole favorite, Lipton Onion Soup Mix.  Just don't use the whole package.  It will gain flavor as it "ripens" for a few hours in the refrigerator.  Scoop it out with fat free (or low fat) crackers, or better yet (don't knock it till you try it) wheat chex or some brand of small crispy whole wheat cereal wafers.   Dip away, it's good for you.  (Note:  if you are restricted to a salt-free or low salt diet, virtually all dip mixes are salty.  Use herbs instead for flavor.)

From your lips to your hips.   Match Those Buns!

Here's a fun way to help your children learn table manners and keep them amused at the same time.  Big bonus:  it can help you control that excess poundage, too.   See Table Customs and Losing Weight.

A dear friend, in her seventies, apologetically told my son Mark, "The older you get, the louder it is to get up out of a chair."   See Move It or Lose It.

Depending on where you live, spring veggies and fruits are just coming into season.  Take advantage of these nutritious and delicious additions to our diet, to recover from winter's stress.  Find recipes for Watercress Pesto, Mixed Fruit Shake, Risotto With Asparagus and tasty Rosemary Pork Chops and Rice, for instance.

Start now saving berry and cherry tomato baskets and the deep Styrofoam tubs that mushrooms and some other veggies come in.  Wash, and poke holes liberally in the Styrofoam ones.  Fill with potting soil and plant herbs and other plants indoors on a windowsill.  As soon as the last freeze is over, you can get a head start on your herb garden or veggie plot.  Save money and add flavor and nutrition to your diet; most herbs are bursting with vitamins and antioxidants, and grow well among flowers, in planter or pots, in the ground or on balconies or patios.

"The chief cause of failure and unhappiness is trading what we want most for what we want in the moment!"   CyberDiet.

How do you know if your teenage daughter has an eating disorder?  Here's some thoughts from Karen Danielson, RN, head of a college student clinic.

Pasta lovers, pay attention.  Here's history, definitions, hints and recipes about this tasty food.

Time is fleeting, although it doesn't seem so to the young.  We need to live every moment we can, consciously and awake, and treasure the present.  Do you let the robot within take over too often?  A reprint from Walter Mills of Recipe Du Jour.

A reader who found a Tupperware« recipe for Cornish Game Hens with Rosemary Marinade is puzzled.  She asks: "What are Cornish Game Hens?".

A student writes for information on a project, asking which foods are appropriate for a pancreatitis diet

When natural disaster strikes- and it will, sooner or later- are you going to be ready?

We just had our granddaughters for two weeks-- the greatest joy in the world!   It had been far too long.   But we still have the Five to Nine Worries.

Thinking about some New Year's resolutions?  Here's some great advice from the head of our Tupperware« Distributorship:  Conquering Procrastination.

"I am sure like I did, most of you had a rough time eating healthy over the holidays. We managed to do fairly well at home, but visiting was when it was hard to resist the desserts and fatty food.  The great thing about the New Year is it really can be a fresh start. So, let's go over our new tips and recipes so we can start over on our "lifestyle" changes!"  Here's some hints and great recipes at Cooking with Brenda ~ Healthy Recipes and Tips.

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