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Heidi and Mark Rosen forwarded a piece that says something about the present effort in Iraq:  The Mousetrap.

The irony is that I have very little time to cook.  But I am committed to a healthy diet, and both hubby and I love to eat.  When I was first building my Fuller business and setting up a warehouse for local sales reps, I could scarcely cook at all.  Here's a single mother who has the same problem, but is committed to providing healthy food for her kids.

There's much more than a grain of truth in the site forwarded to us by Bella Smith, no matter what your personal religious beliefs.  See A Child's Plea.

Heard enough about France lately?  How about this quote:  "How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?"  --Charles De Gaulle

Sez ChefAl:  "Yes, you're right - strawberry shortcake is not a cake. Cheesecake - not a cake. Riddle me this -- why is pound cake, called 'pound cake'?"  See his answer if you don't know.

In defense of coconuts: healthy or not?  While high in calories, I proposed that they weren't all bad at all in "Take Two:  Coconut Milk".  Now Dr. Mercola says they are a truly healthy food.  See Raw Coconuts: Good for Your Health, Ideal for Dieting.

Here's some handy-dandy microwave cooking hints from our Tupperware Manager, Heidi Rosen.

New uses for photo albums.   You won't want to miss this hint!

Here's a hint:  sometimes you want some really finely cut julienne strips of red or green bell pepper for soup, garnish or a special dish.  No matter how sharp your knife, it's hard to do.  Try a serrated tomato cutting knife; it makes quick work of it!

Want to gauge your chance of catching or dying from anthrax or other biological or chemical terrorist attack?  Just take this Disaster Risk Quiz and find out if your worst fears are justified.

My  brother, Lloyd Williamson, sent me this helpful piece about helping children cope with recent, present and future tragic events.   Read "Parents Can Help".  I can't emphasis too much the importance of helping kids deal with this.   See "Is It Going To Explode?"

Want to cut calories, save loads of time and mess and still have a great pie shell?  See My Cheating Pie Crust.

Here's a hint for saving money on your food bill AND avoiding some of those cases of "stomach flu".

























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