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I awoke Friday, inauguration day, with an epiphany. I try to stay way from politics, and I'm willing to give anyone a chance.  But sometimes it's hard.  Russia's still out there....

You've been told not to wash your vegetables before storing, but sometimes they are so dirty...and you don't know where they've been or who has handled them.  Here's a way to wash them without increasing spoilage - in fact, it promotes longer healthier life.

I can scarcely function in the morning without my cup of tea.   No one refutes the fact that our government is in disorder lately, but it's not the first time.  Did you know that a dispute over tax on tea was a great factor in the American Revolution?  See A Cup of Tea and express your opinion.

"I was wondering about cooking a hard boiled egg in the microwave at work. Thanks for the information on how to cook it.  Wendy Gebhardt"  Since you didn't include your email address, I'm hoping you'll see this.   Put the whole egg in a large mug or bowl and completely cover with water.  Bring to a full, rolling boil.   Let it sit for about five minutes, and you have a hard boiled egg.

Thinking about trying the low carb diet to lose weight?  First read Carbs: Friends or Frenzy? by Jessica Setnick, MS, RD/LD.

A smart way to save money on your food bill; keep a small pad on or by the refrigerator, right in plain sight, or stick up a sheet of paper with a large magnet.   When you see that some food item needs to be used very soon, mark it clearly on the note.   These can include leftovers waiting to be eaten by all comers, or ingredients that will soon be past their prime or over the hill, to remind you to fix a dish that uses them.

From former Fuller Brush rep Larry Terman forwards an opinion about "offshore" drug purchases.  I hadn't thought about it, but it's ironic that "free market" doesn't apply to pharmacy drugs!

Veggie Teen Queens?  Dr. Weil says "Teenagers are always open to trying new things, and these days vegetarianism is as appealing as alternative music and ’80s fashion. According to the American Dietetic Association, approximately one-third of teenagers think that it’s hip to be meat-free. Veggie is 'in.'"

Dietitian Jessica Setnick offers some timely advice on keeping dietary over-indulging under control during vacation getaways in Vacation Eating.

Aches and Pains?  Diet, Exercise May Ward Off Arthritis from Third Age

The pressure is on.   How you handle it is extremely important not only for your own future health but for that of your children or other family members.   How hard is it to avoid junk?  Pretty difficult.  Let's hear how you cope.

As we head into what promises to be a "down and dirty" election, remember this Scot author's acerbic comment:   "He uses statistics as a drunken man uses lamp posts - for support rather than illumination."  -- Andrew Lang (1844-1912)

Walter Mills of Recipe du Jour sounds off about A Nation of Couch Potatoes.

Read these hints about correct care of cast iron cookware.  There's recipe links, too.

Do you get backlogged, swamped and practically paralyzed with procrastination like I do?  Here's a do-able game plan to help you out of the mess.

Fuller Rep/Manager the Weedy Lady offers some great salmon recipes and we offer our opinion on a recent news item.  Salmon - great or dangerous? 

Apples are chock-full of nutrition, and one way to sneak some punch into many foods - as well as flavor and texture- is to grate an apple into it.  Muffins, pancakes, casseroles, slaw, any number of veggie dishes...   Granny Smith or other tart and/or firm apples are best for most purposes.  Cut a thin slice off top and bottom.  Peel .  Then without coring, grate by hand directly into the dish you are preparing, right down to the core itself.  Stir in quickly to avoid browning.

What about the day after... will you still respect yourself?

Buy two and save!  No, we're not selling anything.   When you buy socks or stockings, buy several pair in the same style and color.  When one wears out, keep it in reserve until another goes.  Same thing goes for mittens if your kids lose them.  Buy two packs of shower curtain rings; when one breaks you have a replacement.  Buy an extra knob when you replace cabinet pulls - you get the idea!   Anything that has to match, buy an extra or in multiples and in the end, you'll save big-time.

Don't spread germs when you clean your kitchen counters.  See these hints, one from Publix Markets: Killing Kitchen Bacteria.

Written when we "won" the war in Afghanistan, where we now have a peaceful, democratic society in place (NOT!), just apply the same to Iraq - a reader calls my attention to a change in location of a link for Suffragettes, which I have corrected, and thanks for the info. Read it and take it to heart.  The American public, too, can rise up and demand change - just as they did when the futile Vietnam conflict went on... and on... and on ... with no resolution.  Let's either come up with a plan and implement it, or get the heck out and let THEM fight it out.

Play it safe if you plan a picnic for the 4th of July.  See Dr. Weil's sensible ideas about protecting your family's health, at Perils of Picnics.

Stir-crazy, behind on everything and your precious kids are driving you preciously nuts?  You need a break... Pack a Picnic.

Bet you didn't know that horseradish was a cruciferous veggie!  Eating horseradish is sort of like a runner's high - no pain, no gain.  And it definitely will clear your sinuses!  Read about how to turn up the heat with this healthy condiment.

Well, I just exploded the boiled eggs again, for probably the 101'st time.  A little experimentation has solved that problem.  Hard-boiled solution for busy cooks.

Here are some surprising facts and tips from Third Age:  The Best Food in the World to Eat with your Hands.

Are you a "supertaster"?  See how this can sabotage your eating habits and why more women than men have eating disorders or are picky eaters.

From customer Bella Smith:  This is what my company, The Coral Gables Chamber Symphony & Opera, is also promoting to make the general public become aware just how Landmines affect those who live under such appalling conditions throughout the world. It would be greatly appreciated if you could join in this effort by disseminating information on your website. When you read all related materials mentioned on this site, I am certain you will note the urgency behind this request for support of a very worthwhile humanitarian effort.  Thank you.

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