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Have you given your children "the talk"?  About how to calm a police officer.

Hate!  Is it inevitable?  How do we control it, and can we, to have a better world?

A fingerprint? Is this proof of God, an accident, a natural phenomenon- or a giant conspiracy?  Watch this video and make up your mind.

Indigestion?  Or just want to prevent it over the holidays (and every day!)  Here's some smart info by an expert.

Remember the  novel Brave New World?  Are we there yet?   Will we too either perish as a race, or eventually have to learn to live in that brave new world?

As we remember that unthinkable day -  9/11, watch this moving tribute put out by Budweiser and aired only once.

Did you ever wonder about wormy ketchup?  Or other insect contamination in your food?

Next time you see a child with autism, hear that a friend or relative has a child diagnosed with it, or criticize someone who is hopelessly awkward socially or avoids speaking to you, think before you pity.  They may be the next major world development waiting to happen.

Do you prefer to cook on gas or electric.  See this article on the pros and cons from the Cookers and Ovens site.

One of the three producers of Recipe Du Jour website also has a blog on WordPress.  Simply Tim wrote a thought-provoking piece, We The People.

Cynthia MacGregor, in her great Ezine newsletter, asks for rants, raves and peeves, and here's one about groceries and taxes that makes me grit my teeth..  how about you?  Add your comments - it will be published to Cynthia's Ezine as well.

Wool garments are so nice in winter, but take more care than most other fabrics.  Always wash in warm or cool water with a mild detergent such as Stanley's AquaClean Detergent formerly known as Aqualaun.  It becomes weak when wet; do not pull, wring or rub wet wool clothing. Lay knits flat to dry. Look at the tag; some must be dry cleaned. When storing for the winter, clean or wash first without any fabric softener; then store in a sealed container with moth and other insect protection

This is sure to induce comments and controversy. Read, then let's have your opinions. From Mark Franek:  "Can Teachers Sound Their Barbaric Blogs Over the Rooftops of the World?"

Our friend and inspiration Walt Mills of Recipe du Jour, has a warning in a recent newsletter.  Weather has been weird this year, and will get stranger.  Better read this one and be forewarned.  Failure is not an option!

Wise words indeed for the New Year, a "must read".  Keep Calm and Carry On by Rabbi Edwin Goldberg

Do you think someone should be held responsible, and punished, for their substantial part in the financial collapse that has led to the loss and suffering of so many?  Former Allapattah neighbor Floriberto Gonzalez thinks so.  Should Wall Street CEO's go to jail?

Any cancer is scary enough, but ovarian cancer is even scarier. There's many things that may reduce your risk, including these tasty foods, beverages and seasonings....

Former Allapattah neighbor Flory Gonzalez sends this great article and video.  It's another must-see.  We could, as a nation, probably dig ourselves out of the energy hole with all its related problems, if we truly wanted too, and supported people like Lonnie Johnson, former NASA engineer.

Fuller Brush Divisional Director Joanne Rice shares a remedy for a pot of scorched chili!

Take "Remembering" by Simply Tim of Recipe du Jour to heart; don't wait until it's too late

Avoid Making a Mess with refills or storage.

I won't even try to list all the incredible health benefits of green tea:  Third Age offers a list that will astonish you.   Drink it hot to warm the bones, or iced, or mixed with black tea if you prefer the flavor - but drink it!

There are times in our lives when change comes quickly.  In a generation or less, we are living in a strange new land.   Our New America....

A tip-off on a like-named competitor from contributor Bev Avery.

There's been quite a few articles in magazines, on websites, and interviews recently about people that got almost all their groceries for free with coupons.  This is nice to think about, but is it fact?  Are coupons a rip-off?

Here's how I cut my electric bill almost in half (no, I didn't tinker with the meter....)  You can do it, too.   See a checklist for cutting your own bill.

Follow a healthy diet, but don't stress out about your food, or go overboard. "When you're afraid of your food, you don't digest it well." Julia Child

Like fast food? You risk not only weight gain and higher cholesterol, but liver damage as well.

Veggies Fight Back (and then give it up for you...)

We all know that jolly ole Saint Nick has a large belly and rotund physique.  Why is Santa so fat?  Could it be all those cookies and glasses of milk?  Maybe, but here's some Cookies Galore links.  Every cookie you could wish for.

This YouTube video is a little over the top, but if you watch it to the end, you'll undoubtedly be impressed and inspired.  PS:  believe it or not, the baby is saved and walks away in the end.  You Can Make a Difference....

Have a Home Facial: Add a few Tablespoons of herbs to a pot of boiling water.  Remove the pot from the heat and use a bath towel as a tent over your head.  Allow the steam to rise into your face for 3 to 5 minutes.  Rinse your face with cold water to remove dirt and close pores.  Apply Witch Hazel Moisturizing Lotion.

Fast Food is killing us.  Can it be fixed?  See The Trouble with Fries for history and thoughts on the subject.  Here's a tasty solution; see Fast Crispy Oven Fries.

Leftover tomato paste?  You know what to do!

Check out Fuller Brush's household cleaning and health hints.                            

When life hands you broken eggs, make an omelet.  The Benefits of Stress.

Time continues to compress.  The day and year spin by.  We lie in bed at night wondering where they went.  What is happening to time?

Do we need three stooges if just one will do?  Here's a video sent by my brother-in-law John Metcalf, adapted from a script by James Sherman: Hu's on First.

Who knows what really set off Tancredo's rant when he called S. Florida a third-world country?  Perhaps he's the kind of American who, when visiting another country, is annoyed when he can't communicate in English. So what's it really like in Miami, and what should we do about it?

A reader wants to know about calories in sushi, and its safety.

Will an apple a day keep the Doctor away? Read some facts and history about apples, and the important nutrients they contain.  Also a recipe for Chicken-Apple Curry and Apple Bread.

Ghosts, goblins, scary things that go bump in the night, and... global warming??? Read Walt Mill's take on it; What Global Warming?

To get the most volume from your egg whites, let them warm to room temperature before beating.  If, however, you are taking a chance and using them for meringue to top a pie, which will brown briefly in an oven, don't do this, as bacteria can multiply as they warm.

Dole packaged salad greens, and mentioned I'd sent an email and hadn't gotten a reply. Written too soon; I got a big package.  See a recipe for Harvest Apple Slaw.

Nature's medicines apparently includes pomegranates.  Not only does early research indicate the juice can possible prevent prostate cancer or delay its onset, it may also may keep PSA levels stable after cancer treatment, which is an indicator of new cancer growth.

Want a delicious way to improve your diet?  How about black raspberries, either fresh, dried or frozen, with one of the highest percentage of healthy factors.

Having  barbeques this summer?  Here's how to reduce cancer risk and eat healthier without foregoing flavor.

Bad hair day far too often?  Hair grows from the inside out, and only a good diet will produce healthy, shiny, abundant hair.  See Everyday Foods that Nourish Your Dry, Brittle Hair at Lifescript.

I love Dole mixed greens salads, but was experiencing a significant loss and losing time sorting them over, until I hit upon a solution for a better and safer salad! 

I wrote this "Recipe for growing up" to someone about to enter the teen years, who was so miserable with life, even running away was fleetingly considered.  Print it out for pre- and early teens who would benefit from it.

What are the vegetables that you must stock in your healthy kitchen?  See Dr. Weil's Five Veggies You Should Be Eating.

It's time NOW to clean that barbeque that's been sitting unused all winter, as well as check it for safety.  Here's how, plus tasty and healthy recipes.

Read Walter Mills' A Nation of Immigrants for an informed view on the present controversy.  "We’re not an especially multicultural group out here in the valley.  Now and then we’ll have an exchange student at the high school who is visiting from another country, and the Amish are like a permanently foreign society in our midst, but on my daughter’s softball team there are no black or brown faces, no accents...

Food as medicine, or to prevent illness and promote health, is the basis of successful farming.   But human beings seem to pay little attention to the fantastic power of many foods.  Read Medicinal Benefits of Whole Foods

Warning passed on by ChefAl:  Stroke!  Remember the 1st three letters....

Quote passed on by Fuller Brush/Stanley Rep/Manager the Weedy Lady (Happy Day Cards): “People are more violently opposed to fur than leather because it's safer to harass rich women than motorcycle gangs.”

We LOVE garlic!   My son Mark used to take a four-bean salad to work for his lunch.  It had so much raw minced garlic or garlic paste, other workers voted that he had to eat it outside.  Garlic is extremely healthy too.  Here's how to make Garlic Paste to add to a salad or other dish.

Tom from England wants advice on non-surgical treatment for gallstones.

From the actions of some in New Orleans we can see that civilization is but a thin veneer over darker impulses.   Is this new?   Not at all, according to this article, Why Nerds Are Unpopular, sent to me by son Mark.  It also explains why it is considered "uncool" to be smart in school, probably one reason China, India and other nations are gaining on us in technology.  If you have kids between eleven and eighteen, maybe you should print it out and give it to them.  Hopefully they'll read it, although it's pretty long.  By the way, I too was a nerd in school, long before Bill Gates made it semi-respectable, and it was miserable.

Allergies can make you miserable any time of year.  Spring allergies are coming soon.. find out how to control airborne sniffles and sneezes both inside and out at LifeStyle.

What if a simple change or two could actually turn back the years?  Plus maybe give you a happier outlook on life?  Would be easier, safer and cheaper than plastic surgery?  Read on.... Turn Back the Years.

People lost in the woods have survived partly by watching what plants bears and deer ate, and doing the same. While not fail-safe, this has probably saved many lives.  A (simplistic) question:  if an insect ate something and it killed them, would you feel safe eating it?  Read this report by Dr. Mercola, then think about it.

Trying to keep weight in check while not starving yourself?  Check out "Snack Decisions" from Women's Health.

Beat Your Swords into Plowshares By Walter Mills of Recipe du Jour.  

Sam scorched the pear preserves, and wants to know if there's any way to fix it.

Don't know what to do with all those coupons you receive and can't use.  Here's a hint.  Clip out the most useful ones with some surrounding paper.  Then when you mail a check to someone, instead of folding a piece of scrap paper, a blank sheet or ad, fold it into the coupon.   Enclose some in letters you send, let friends browse through your cache.  Use common sense, don't send ones for junk food, especially to those who are dieting.

Another miss!  At least we have easy-to-close hurricane shutters now instead of the kind you have to struggle to put up, while the wind threatens to blow one off a ladder, water trickles down the back of the neck, the battery in the cordless drill and screwdriver dies....   Read these vitally important food safety guidelines forwarded by Heidi Rosen, our Tupperware manager.  And see what great new kitchen aids Tupperware has to offer.

Here's a reply in the forum to someone who asked how soon they could drink alcoholic beverages after recovering from pancreatitis.  This person has been there....

It's a little different in a big city - more people sleeping on cardboard in doorways of businesses,  more outside of stores with hands out for loose change...  Read Night Thoughts by Walter Mills of Recipe du Jour 

Are Packaged Greens Safe? Dr. Weil answers the question.

Can you really prevent heart disease?  Dr. Weil comments on Clinton's recent problem and various things you can do.

Snacking striking?  Munching madness?  Dietitian Jessica Setnick's new book, The Eating Disorders Book of Hope and Healing, is for JUST THOSE MOMENTS when someone is bored, sad, or looking for comfort in food.

Too Much Mercury in Freshwater Fish? Ask Dr. Weil - the answer can be vital to your children's or your own health..

Looking to cortisol blockers to help you lose weight?   Here's Dr. Weil's take on this latest "diet" fad.

Do you know the difference between "Mouth Hunger" and "Tummy Hunger"?

Is eating a spiritual experience for you?  Read about it - in Green Jell-O and Other Sacred Delicacies - in Masaru Emoto's work with water - in The Sipping Sacrament - and more.

Here's a surprise!  One of our locally most popular pure olive oils, Goya Extra Virgin, has been rated best all-over buy by Consumer Reports; best in a recent blind taste test, and one of the best values.   Goya has an excellent reputation, and would never adulterate its olive oil with other cheaper oils, as many other brands have been found to do.  Personally I intend to switch brands immediately.

If avoidance of overeating is of real concern, here's some hints.  Serve a soup or salad as a first course to take the edge off hunger, while "waiting for the roast or turkey to be carved".   Use slightly smaller plates, not huge dinner plates or platters.  And leave the food in the kitchen on a clean, attractive counter, and let everyone serve themselves, buffet style.  They're liable to eat less. Don't get into a fight over who gets what part of a turkey or chicken; have a drawing for favorite parts.

Well, it couldn't have been Canterbury Tales, could it?   Read, baby, read....  

See this list of the World's 9 Worst Convenience Foods

Thursday, Sept. 30, Merck & Company Pharmaceuticals announced a worldwide recall of Vioxx, a top-selling arthritis and pain medication drug. This recall was based on evidence that showed an increased risk of heart attack and stroke after 18 months of use. Here's a healthier, safer alternative.

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