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Killing Kitchen Bacteria

A hint from Publix Supermarkets appeared in our newspaper as a Publix Service Announcement:

Since your kitchen dishcloth or sponge can collect harmful bacteria, it's important to sterilize it before each use.  Usually, hot tap water doesn't kill all the germs, so try this simple sterilization trick:

  • Pop your damp, dirty sponge or dishcloth into the microwave and set on full power for about 30 seconds.
  • Then rinse with hot water and soap, and you have a clean counter-wiping tool.

Excellent advise.  I would like to say, as a precaution, that this is best for cellulose sponges, NOT plastic ones which could melt in the microwave.  Cellulose is destroyed by bleach, but plastic sponges can be soaked briefly in a bowl with hot water and bleach or popped into the dishwasher when you do the dishes.

Personally, we mostly use kitchen shammies that wash and dry multiple times, and use them only once.  But Publix has a great solution to keep cellulose sponges clean easily. 

Added precautions:  have two or three cutting boards.  I use the nylon or plastic kind that can be tossed in the dishwasher, and they go there promptly when I finish with eggs, meat, poultry, raw fish or other possible source of germs.  Then I grab another one, and another knife, for veggies, etc.

Finally, use of a disinfectant spray on counters and sink is a good idea.  Stanley Home Products sells a great one called "Germ Clean".

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