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Our New America

There are times in our lives when change comes quickly.  In a generation or less, we are living in a strange new land.   Sometimes this change is triggered by technology; the Victrola brought music to the home; the railroad turned travel into a relatively quick trip instead of a long, uncomfortable journey.  The telephone put us in touch with each other whenever needed. Television brought outside entertainment to the home.

Sometimes it's adversity; a depression, an epidemic, a war.... or even a promise; freedom, equality, a gold strike, a new opportunity.  Usually a combination of factors trigger a movement to a new reality.

It's been an extraordinary few years, with the growth of the internet, putting information at everyone's fingertips.  An attack that killed thousands on American soil,  election of a President who only fifty years ago would have been relegated to the back of the bus,  a steady unstoppable trend away from "Anglo" white majority, a widening gap between the "have it all" and "have nots", a depression that has left hundreds of thousands homeless, out of work, out of savings; all these have tugged and pulled at public opinion and added to our sense of dissatisfaction.  A new "Tea Party" is trying to form;  laws and policies are undergoing change, and a sense of both foreboding and outrage is growing.

I predict we will see massive changes in public opinion, in the laws of the land, in politics, in technology, in the way we live and our expectations in the coming decade.  This desire - no, demand - for change was really brought home by an extraordinary video brought to my attention by contributor Beverly Avery.  You can't miss this: Born Again American.  Writes Bev:  "I can't imagine the work it took to pull this off."

Here's a way to amuse and engage your kids and family, and get to know them better, as well as a way to stretch your mind.  Turn off the TV.  Give everyone a pad and paper on the next rainy or snowy day when everyone is housebound.  Ask them to write down all the changes and new things they expect or hope for in the coming ten years.   Then let each person read one entry at a time, and discuss it.  I bet you'll be surprised!

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